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Designed for musicians, DJs and general PA use, the S1 Pro is the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor and practice amplifier that's ready to be your go-anywhere Bluetooth music system for nearly any occasion. 

This is the place to discuss the S1 Pro system.

My S1 Pro Battery Test & Review

   With S1 Pro threads all over the place wasn't quite sure where to post my results with installing,  charging,  and using the battery, so just started this one.   

     My power longevity test also involved a new 500 Watt power generator to run my Voicelive 3 Extreme, a Pigtronix Infinity Looper, a Helicon Corona Chorus, a Baggs DI, and the T1, before going into the S1 Pro,  but those successful generator results are for another post and will be of more interest to buskers etc needing a good portable power source.  I used my Neumann KSM105 mic and my Taylor 214ce guitar. 

   I'm more than impressed with the S1 Pro Battery and it's longevity.  Installing so simple it doesn't even merit attention here.  The one thing I didn't do was see how long the quick charge feature actually took to fully charge the battery.  I plugged it in before bed and of course it was full in the morning.  The battery charges anytime the AC plug is inserted, but pushing the switch down all the way (to the battery icon) is the quick charge mode.  I will come back with charging time information later.   

   For the longevity test I set up everything exactly like I do for my regular performances with the L1 Model II and B2 Bass Module.  I cranked the volume of the S1 Pro past the mid-way indent to about 4:00.  Way more than my room needed, but I wanted to pull power the same as in an average small venue, wanting to test on the "push it" side of things.   

  Testing how much power is available and how much is used while in use is tested by pushing the button on Auxillary Channel 3 twice.  The power light will then blink either 1, 2, 3, or 4 times.  There is no exact percentage of power given, but the blinks are:
 • 1 Blink = 10%-24% still available 
• 2 Blinks =25%-49% still available
• 3 Blinks = 50%-75% still available
• 4 Blinks = more than %75 available
You can do this test at any given time.  Note:  There is also an included diagram sticker with these blink categories included with the battery. 

My results were very impressive!  Much more than I expected.  The system ran for a constant 8 hours and 15 minutes before it tested with only one light blink meaning there was still somewhere between 10%-24% when I stopped!   How I did this was to play and practice through it, just like live, and when I would break I would use the mic looper and the guitar looper to keep guitar and voice going non stop throughout the test. (kinda rough to play for 8 straight hours non-stop and to hear yourself loop endlessly at that volume when you aren't playing... LOL!)  The S1 Pro gave me 8 full hours and 15 minutes before I just stopped from not wanting to drain it completely.  This came to 2 more hours than the touted number at more than half volume....and was still with some power room to spare!
That is impressive!  I will never perform this long at a time that I know of.

 How it fared in longevity time At Over Half Volume: 

• It took the S1 Pro 2 hours and 15 minutes to change from 4 blinks to 3 blinks. (still 50%-75% power available)
• It stayed at 50%-75%  (3 blinks) power available until it ran 6 hours and 15 minutes!!
• It then stayed at 25%-49% (2 blinks)  until it ran for 7 hours and 30 minutes!
• It then stayed at 10%-24% (1 blink)  until it ran 8 hours and 15 minutes and then I stopped.   

   For busking, small venues, parties, etc, this will way more than handle the power needs.  The sound, volume, and battery life for it's size is pretty incredible.  

I still have yet to test it in a setup with venue/crowd noise etc, nor have I used it outdoors to see it's projection.....but mounted on a speaker stand or at table level indoors and small venue, this is a product where Bose really delivered a lot of bang for the buck.  It's definitely a busker's dream system. You won't run out of juice.  



Original Post

Hi MusicianThomas,

Thank you for doing this! I appreciate how thorough you were in your review and report. And yes, it's perfect to have started a new discussion to talk about the battery.

I dreaded doing the run down test. It would have been too long, too loud, too much.

You have given us great information, and I'm sure it will be helpful to the many people who will read this.

The six hour figure is conservative. Others may get results closer to that if they push the S1 Pro hard with highly compressed prerecorded music. 



Just purchased a pro S1 and was wondering how would I check to see if the battery is 100% charged as I have it on charge  for number of hrs but when I plug the power lead in and switch it on the blue light flashers and the stabilisers also after a while the power light goes out when its plugged in and switched to fast charging mode. Is this normal?

Saxman,  All you have to do to check your battery status is press the blue tooth pairing button TWICE and the led lights will flash again the amount of charge you still have left.   Yes, the power light on the back where the controls are will turn off after you initially power it on, but the instruction above will allow you to always be able to check how much charge you have left.  If you need to reference again, it's on page 9 of the owner manual.  

    Also, anytime the S1 Pro is not being used and is plugged in, the unit is charging.  I've also found if you are charging by the quick charge method (power button all the way down) it is quite safe to be left in that position.  But it's always charging if it is plugged in and you are not using it.  Hope that helped.   Let us know how your experiences with the S1 Pro is going. 

saxman posted:

...after a while the power light goes out when its plugged in and switched to fast charging mode. Is this normal?

I believe this is normal. Namely, during charging, when the power light goes out I believe it indicates that the battery is fully charged. My S1 Pros do the same thing.  Maybe someone else can confirm this...

Just another tip regarding battery charge levels. The newest Bose Connect App will show a better % indicator for the battery charge level for the S1 when connected via Bluetooth. While I don’t need this feature as yet, it will also allow you to play 2 S1s in stereo (left-right) from a mobile device via the Bluetooth connection which is pretty cool.

The only downside is you must have the S1 firmware at a certain level for the app to work. It’s not rocket science, but it takes a little doing. See Bose Connect App to start things off. It will require a computer to attach to the S1 to do the update. If you have a virus checker, you might have to temporarily turn that off. Once you have all the pieces in place, the update itself only takes 5 minutes or so.

Here is another topic S1 Updates that goes into more details. 

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