Multiple 812s for coverage / comb filtering / HF cancellation

Hi, folks. Big BOSE live sound fan here. We're considering purchasing at least four (4) F1 stacks (812s and subs) for use in smaller venues as portable mains. Concern / Question is how best to set, hang, mount, splay, cluster, etc.. at least 2 tops per side (when needed for additional coverage / spl) without encountering nasty comb filtering and HF cancellation  issues? Please advise and thank you.

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Hi Heath,

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This is a great question.  The simplest formula for the F1 Model 812s is: put the loudspeakers where you need the sound.

We've talked about this question at length at Bose. There's not much if anything to be gained by clustering the F1 Model 812s.  If you want to get wider dispersion, then spread out the units and place them close to the area you are trying to cover.  Although some overlap is inevitable, try to avoid it.

For the F1 Subwoofers, you can put them all together, or separate them in pairs or individually with the F1 Model 812s depending on the size and shape of the room.

Does that help?


Hi DJ8X,

You're going to have unavoidable interaction between the twelve-inch drivers in the frequencies below 600 Hz. 

It's better to put the F1 Model 812s where you need the sound instead of putting them in pairs.


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