The T8s is an 8/2 in mixer terminology, 8 input channels and 2 output channels. Multi-track if I remember correctly is anything more than 2 track, therefor 4 track, 8 track, 16 track, 32 track etc. is multi-track.

I have a T4s, the T8s is pretty much the same, the USB audio interface can suck or blow, so it can (amongst other things) interface with a DAW system. Given that you can create multi-track recordings IF your recording system permits it.

hope that is of some help.

Hi Kevin,

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Congratulations on getting your T8S.

First: Please please check that you have the latest firmware.

T4S/T8S Firmware Update Instructions

Kevin posted:

I just purchased the T8S and was wondering if it would operate as a multi track interface with my MacBook Pro? Hoping you'll say 8 channels of input, but not holding my breath.

The output via USB has two channels designated Left and Right.

You can assign any of the following to those outputs.

  • Master (default)
  • Channels 1 through 8
  • Aux In
  • Aux Outputs 1 through 4

To access these options

  1. Turn the Rotary Selector to Prefs
  2. Turn the Menu to USB to PC

For more information about your new ToneMatch mixer please see:

T4S/T8S ToneMatch® Mixer



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Hi Norris,

Norris914 posted:

Seems that including an output option for recording Channels 1-8 via the USB would just be a software change. Is is the being considered for a future enhancement on the TS8 product roadmap?

Thanks for the suggestion. Please add this to the discussion linked below.

T4S/T8S ToneMatch Mixers Feature Requests



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