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Montréal, Quebec. Saturday 02 March 2013.

Dinner-show at the Mariposa Café, Saturday 02 March 2013 at 19h00. JFd solo acoustic.
- Bose L1 Model II
- 1 B1
- T1
- Taylor 310CE
- Porchboard bass
- Blue EnCORE 300
- TC Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX

Dinner-show 30$
Show 10$


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Bonjour ST,

The Café Mariposa seats around 30 people. It is named after the Mariposa Folk Festival in Ontario. It is run by Victor Labelle, a musician himself. Victor has opened the Mariposa in 2011 and has showcased local musicians, and visitors, in an intimate environment.

We have an Open Mic every Thursday evening, blues night with the "house band" and invited musicians on Fridays, and a dinner-show on Saturdays. Open Mic nights are like an evening at the village hall: friendly, everyone pretty well knows everyone else, with some visitors from all over. You are all more than welcome to drop in.

Hope all is well out west! Smile

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