Everybody join in on ideas for songs on Monday night. Ken posted a bunch of ideas to get us started on the wiki.

If there is a song that you've always wanted to do, or maybe a song that you "own" & would like to do - bring it on. Don't be afraid to do something obscure or interesting. (Keep in mind that the rhythm section will have to back you up, so we need chords - & don't make it too difficult.)

Easy songs would be any blues-based tune like "Kansas City". Harder songs would be something like "Frankenstein" by Edgar Winter.

I wouldn't mind hearing a variety of styles - from country to bluegrass to blues to folk to rock (maybe even Celtic). Whatever floats your boat & is fun for the group would be great. Chances for leads & group parts would be the best!

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Originally posted by Tom Munch:
..."Don't Get Around Much Anymore"...

Can do, can do! In the style of the Duke, of course.

Other jazz and swing standards...

Beatles: (Pete will find these to be no surprise)

Can't Buy me Love
8 Days a Week
Do you Want to Know a Secret?
I Want to Hold your Hand
All my Lovin'

Can't Buy me Love
8 Days a Week
Do you Want to Know a Secret?
I Want to Hold your Hand
All my Lovin'

Do you have charts for these?

I have a bunch of fake books for standards. It would be fun to make a few of these available.


Let's keep the ball rolling on this. I'm making sure we have a few rhythm sections available for Monday night, & we need to start having people sign up for specific songs & get the music available to everyone involved.

  • Choose a song already listed on the wiki or name your own.

  • Post a link to a chart or post one here.

  • Decide if you'll sing it or if you want a vocalist.

  • Choose the key.

  • I think we can decide on who'll take leads that night, but we could also decide that ahead of time here if folks want to.


I think it would be cool to have 3 different singers, one for each verse, and they could harmonize on the chorus.

I think Larry (oldghm) would do a super job for sure. It would be nice to have a lady for a verse, and YOU on one.

All of the band members that sing could also join on the chorus. Also, there could be lots of instrumental breaks. I was thinking of kind of a "dirt band" feel.

I have an idea for an instrumental intro where I would start a litte chicken pickin groove and then add the instruments one at a time (left, right, etc.) so we could give the audience a really cool picture of the great, better-than-stereo soundstage the L1 offers. Then let the singing begin!

just some ideas.

Hello everyone,
Katja, my wife, has offered her voice on a verse (and the chorus) of "I saw the light". She is not signed on here so you can send me the info. I'll try to get her signed on the forum soon. She would prefer doing the 3rd (final) verse, if possible.

Meanwhile she was wondering if anyone is interested in accompanying (anything from lead guitar or keyboard to a band) her vocal on one or two of songs.

One song is more contemporary than most I have seen listed here.
"What's Up" by 4 Non Blonds
and the other is
"Can't Find My Way Home" by Winwood

Any takers?

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