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Designed for musicians, DJs and general PA use, the S1 Pro is the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor and practice amplifier that's ready to be your go-anywhere Bluetooth music system for nearly any occasion. 

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Modern Vintage Live S1 Pro Report - 3/10/2018

Hello Bose Community, I wanted to share a recent show we did on 3/10/2018 with the S1 Pros.  This is a beautiful winery I have played at for years in Middleburg ,VA. In the past I used the L1S w/B2. Here are the details:

  • 2 S1 Pros - notched out 100Hz and below when sub was added to prevent distortion of low end. Volume level 1/4
  • Recorded on an iPhone, no special mic so please bear the sound quality in mind.
  • F1 Sub - Sub out controlled on there board
  • 3 mics/Vocalists
  • 1 Bass, Martin GPCPA4 Guitar through Helix, 1 Yamaha MX 61 keyboard
  • Effects - Small amount of "relish", natural verb in room, slight verb and delay used 
  • Mixer - Presonus 16.4.2 AI - Master set at 1/4, line out to the entire facility.

This is our third gig with the S1s here and we feel very good about the sound we are getting from them and the tweaks we have made with our setup. The first 2 gigs we started off with the F1, for this gig, we left the F1 in the car until the second set and really missed the extra low end from some of the bass driven songs and for certain key patches.

In the summertime, we play with a full kit outdoors, in the winter, we have to keep the volumes down so for the last gig, we played as a trio with no percussion. A reason that we started out this show without the F1 was that we had a complaint that we were to loud with 2 S1 Pros and an F1 sub for the last gig. We did have an e-percusssion kit and the drummer brought in a high hat and some cymbals and it was much to loud...

There were huge crowds that day and a group came in and danced in front of us for an entire set..when the dance floor cleared, my wife took a few quick videos that I mashed up that I will share here.

Many, many great compliments on the sound and I give a down mix to the house which goes throughout the entire facility so folks from outside came in to hear and thank us... The venue's management was very happy about the sound levels and volumes so between, the audience, venue management and us liking what we heard from the S1s, and add in a great "happy" large and live crowd, it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood

We have high expectations with the S1s and plan to simply rotate the S1s towards us for larger gigs, use as wedges/in fills and the F1 812s with or without subs as needed for FOH. So far, we are very happy and feel confident that the we have a very flexible ALL Bose solution! I will report back in April with the F1s as FOH and S1s as monitors for our larger gigs..




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Modern Vintage Cana 03.10.2018
Original Post

Great report! Two S1 Pros used with an F1 sub can be rather impressive system for a small crowd (50-75 people)

I found that when I used the same set up at a wedding recently I needed to engage F1 subs HPF switch in order to achieve a good amount of headroom. It automatically eliminates distortion from the S1 Pros trying reproduce the low notes at high volume levels... brilliant!

I am looking forward to your report in April!

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