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Hello Everyone,
I am happy to announce that Bose has a program set up to get updates to anyone who chooses to purchase a B2 module as an add-on to an L1 Model II.

If you currently own a T1 Tonematch Engine:
You can perform the update using your own computer at home. If you encounter any issues during the process, or if you do not have a compatible computer with internet access, feel free to contact L1 Technical Support at (877) 335-2673.

If you do not own a T1 Tonematch Engine, you have a couple options:

If you purchased from a Guitar Center or Bose retail outlet, you can bring your power stand into the store to perform the update using the Tonematch engine from their demo system. We would strongly recommend calling the store before you go there so that they are aware.
To do this, you will need to bring the following items with you:
• Your Model II power stand (no speakers needed)
• A laptop computer
o You will want to download all the appropriate files from our website. You will need the “L1 Model II system power stand firmware v1.4” zip file as well as the appropriate L1 Updater software for your platform (PC or Mac)
• A USB cable (standard A to B)

If you did not purchase from Guitar Center or a Bose store, do not own a compatible laptop, or are unable to make it to the store for any reason:
Call L1 Technical Support at (877) 335-2673, and we will ship you out a loaner Tonematch to perform the update at no charge!! We will even cover the cost of shipping both ways!
You will still need a computer with internet access and a USB cable, but you can then do the update from the comfort of your own home!
(Please note that this option is currently available for our U.S. customers only. If you are outside the U.S., contact your Bose-authorized service provider or point-of-purchase and they will work with you to ensure you get the update.)

Keep in mind that even without updating the firmware, the L1 Model II will still work with a B2 set to “normal” mode. However, we want to make sure that you can get the full benefit of all the voicing options that the B2 module has to offer.

Give us a call at (877) 335-2673 if you have any questions.

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