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I use a pair of L1s with the B2 bass modules. I have the tonematch system and connect one with the tonematch cable and one out of the master out. I am finding that the one out of the master out is substantially louder than the one connected with the tonematch cable. Just curious what I am doing incorrectly. I am using a Denon MC6000 run xlr into channel 3. I set the volume on the denon to just be hitting the orange then set the tonematch volumes to half then bring the gain up to get the yellow flash's. I can crank the gain up on the L1s that is out the master until it is a lot louder than the tonematch connected one before I see it flash yellow.
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I understand why this seems strange. But it's not a malfunction.

On the Model 1S that connected through the Analog Input, set the Trim lower (probably around 10-11 o'clock). If you want the two units to have the same volume, run some music and adjust that control by ear.

Please note: on the L1® that is connected to the ToneMatch cable, the Trim control will have no effect. It only works with analog signals.

The Signal/Clip LED only responds to the Analog input.

On the L1® that is connected with the ToneMatch cable, turn the Trim all the way off to avoid nose.

A little background: The Analog Input is designed to work with lots of devices, not just a T1®. The Trim control let's you adjust the volume for other devices.

Does that help?

So the trim control is only affecting the L1s that is connected to the master out? Most of the time I have the trim set to its lowest position or just a hair up (10% maybe).

Its a total learning experience for me I'm really used to setting the gain structure with only one mixer running it through the Denon controller and the Tonematch isn't ideal there is two many spots to adjust. I was hopeing that I'd be able to find a spot on the tonematch where I was happy with the volume and be able to just run everything from the denon.

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