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Bose S1 Pro 

Designed for musicians, DJs and general PA use, the S1 Pro is the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor and practice amplifier that's ready to be your go-anywhere Bluetooth music system for nearly any occasion. 

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Mobil DJ and Karaoke


No video but just a pic. Did a 3 hour session yesterday at a store and the S1s were good at comfortable listening levels but cranked up it stated to distort and bottom out. Had to trim the bass down if I wanted it louder. I don’t see how capable these would be for a dance party without a sub. Had some complaints when I made it louder. Mostly because it starts to pierce instead of sounding full. I asked some others around and they said it sounded good. Perfect for lounging. We usually bring K8s or L1 Compacts to retail gigs but wanted to try the S1s.

The big benefit was being able to go lightweight and not need to plug in to power. I had a battery inverter for my controller and laptop. Instead of using a bag I put the S1s in heavy duty crates and bolted some casters into one of the crates. I use the crates as my platform for my controller and put a skirting around so it looks good. Super fast setup and I don’t have to store any other items like a dolly. 


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Hello Everyone I will be posting pics soon but I now own 3 S1 Pros and have the following to share.

2 S1 Pros work Well for small gatherings but when you add an L1 Compact to the setup it really steps up the game.I just did a town event and people were coming form several streets away to listen to the music and the mic sound using my Shure pg 58 was awesome !

Also to Note my 3rd s1 which I got from guitar center was shipped with a defective battery.

Also to note, I know that these are primarily designed for live acoustic use if im correct ,that running them on battery as I played recorded music 0r for use in activities at gyms or for workout instructors that at 50 per cent volume I got a maximum of 3 Hrs out of these ,Not the 8-12 hrs I have been reading in different forums.

I would like to hear an opinion from Bose on the batteries as now I have $1800 invested and really expected that batteries to last at least 5 hrs which is my normal gig length and this unit is promoted that is suitable for some Dj use and music playback. Many Thanks!

Also I have 43 years in Live and recorded music 

Hi Nick,

Thanks for joining us in the Bose Portable PA Community. Welcome.

Please use the Bose Connect app to check the charge level of your S1 Pro systems.  That will give you a more accurate reading than the number of flashes. For example: 4 flashes could be as low a 75%

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As stated in my previous thread, after being fully charged and running these for music playback not live performance the batteries last about 3 hours, I really like these units and now own 3 but am truly disappointed with them being advertised to run them much longer. Has anyone else had the same experience???

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