Hi All.

 Can anyone assist re above please?

Despite many attempts to Reduce the brightness/brittleness of my Faith Mars PJE Legacy Acoustic, I still can't get the deep rich tone that I know it has. It has the Torrified Spruce Top and Martin D-28 Specs which I have also recently owned.

It has built in Fishman Flex Piezo Pick-Up & Separate under saddle Condenser Mic. I have also tweaked with these two functions, and although the T4S reduces the quack a bit, still no rich tone and too bright.

I have set the Scenes to both Martin D-28 and Taylor with Piezo P/UPs.

I am now thinking of going back to a D-28 but don't want to take one out again, as it gets damaged and too expensive to repair.

Am I not doing things right with the EQ and Para EQ?

I suppose I have been spoilt by the Martin in experience & expectations, but have heard this Model Faith on YouTube sounding awesome.

Any tweaking Ideas, to achieve that lovely deep rich resonant tone welcomed.

 Thanks in advance for any ideas.





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