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... The mixed or inconsistent results are related to what I have been using: Miniflex 2mic.

I've considered getting a Miniflex 2mic for those guitars around here that don't have pickups in them. I'd appreciate it if you'd tell us more about your experience with it.



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ST, the Miniflex 2mic is surprisingly as feedback resistant as any soundboard transducer I have tried (4-5) and even more so than some. The tone is naturally warm but not dull or dead sounding; it's not boxy either. I would not choose it for full band work, but it is great for what it is. I've just grown tired of putting so much time into getting the sound I love and then having it all go south with just a few extra db's.

So hope that helps a bit. I am certainly not trashing the 2mic. It is quite good, but will eventually if pushed begin accentuating resonant frequencies and feedback.

My thinking and interest in the m80 is in its ability to be used with more gain before feedback. I realize I will be sacrificing some of the natural sound of my guitar, but I may have reached the point of acceptance.


Does this mean that it's okay at moderate volume, but not great when you have to play with a full band?


Does this mean that it's okay at moderate volume, but not great when you have to play with a full band?

It's very natural and warm and does not cut through real well before feedback begins to occur. But to be fair I do not use it in a band situation and never intended to do so.

Thanks ST

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Thanks for the clarification. I've often found that the sound I like when playing solo doesn't work when I get into a band situation. The natural, warm sound gets buried because I'm competing with the band in certain frequency ranges. Turning up just muddies the mix and leads to feedback. 

I end up removing the warmth and (sometimes) accentuating the sound of the guitar that I need to stand out from the band.  Those same settings sound awful without the band, but it works when we're all playing together.

I found an article that talks about these ideas in more detail.



I enjoyed the article. Thanks for that.

Regarding pick-up systems for acoustic guitars. There are many professionals out there today using multiple systems and mixing them together. That way they get the most out of each system and a more "natural" (for want of a better word) acoustic sound. 

I very recently saw the australian singer/songwriter Derrin Nauendorf play in a very small location using the house system. I'd played there 4 days previously using my Model II. After hearing their system I would possibly opt for not carrying more gear than necessary and also use their system.

During the gig I was impressed by his guitar sound. I could see that he had 2 cables connected to his guitar. After the gig we talked to each other on the stage. Could see 2 DI boxes each with a cable + the 2 cables from his guitar and asked him how he got his sound. He told me this:

The guitar has a transducer system (the guitar was a yamaha I didn't ask which model) which he twinned with a rare earth magnetic sound hole pick up. Each pick-up has its own output jack on the guitar. Then out with 2 cables each to its own DI box and then directly into the house mixer. He used nothing else to enhance his sound (a touch of reverb perhaps to give the guitar a touch more "room") just the EQ in the mixer. Nothing special. The sound was really good. He said he was thinking of maybe putting in a third system to give him even more scope of mixing a good sound together.



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I personally use 2 MiniFlex 2Mic Model 7's - one for a nylon-strung and one for a steel-strung, and I must say - these mics sound incredibly good - especially with the L1 System 2. I only use a bass cut of 160Hz and the ValhallaRoom and VintageVerb reverbs.

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