I presently use two Bass units. Would adding the newer B2 units be worthwhile for audiences less than 500 for a large casino room? I play a wide variety of styles for dinner music. I play the Roland FR-7x with and without MP3 tracks. With the MIDI accordion, I use an Orla XM-900 real time orchestra module. Any thoughts? Ron U.
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Hi Ron U.,

If you were trying to motivate a dance floor then I think that the B2 could serve you well.

For dinner music - I think you'll have to hear it to know for sure. You can use the B2 in place of two B1s, and if you have been happy with your two B1s I really doubt that you will feel the need to get two B2s. (You would need a PackLite amp to power the second one).

As you already know, the B2 is about the same size as two B1s. If you have had your B1s since 2005, then you will probably find that the B2 is about 10 pounds lighter than your two B1s put together.

If you don't mind the bulk and weight, then the B2 is just a little quicker to set up, and once you have applied the latest updates to your Model II Power Stand, then you will have three settings on the B2 to use.

Please see this article for more details on the B2 and the updates for the Model II.

B2 Bass Module

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