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Before we get into anything else, please follow this link to verify that you have the latest firmware for your T8S.

T4S/T8S Firmware Update Instructions 

Joan posted:

Can anyone give me input as how the T8s should be connected to the laptop so the mics don't cut out????

Vocal microphones connected to T8S channels 1 through 8 should not be affected when you have audio from a laptop connected to the T8S.

Here's an article that details several ways you can connect a device like a laptop to a T8S.

T8S Backing Tracks

Are you doing something different?

If the article above doesn't help, please tell us about what you've got connected to the T8S and what channels and settings you are using.

What are you connecting to the T8S (L1, S1 Pro, some other kind of powered loudspeaker)?



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