Mic Feedback- Compact and TC Helicon voicelive 2

I am using a shure sm58 mic connected to a voicelive 2 harmonizer which is then routed to the compact. I have the vol. set on the compact around 11:00 and the vol on the harmonizer is set at 0...mic feedback is constant. If I turn the vol down any further, then the music is louder than the mic...Someone recommended a DBX AFS 224 Feedback reducer. Others said to get a Bose tone match mixer. Any suggestions before i commit to additonal expense...thanks...jim
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Hi Jimmie,

I'd have to venture that there is something in the settings on the VoiceLive 2 as far as input/output being too high - either the mic input or VL2 output.

While I don't have a VL2, I do use the TC Helicon Harmonizer G-XT and occasionally a VoiceLive Touch. I know that the TC Helicon and Compact are a good combo - even without the T1.

I'm assuming you've tried different placement of the mic / Compact.

Hope this helps.

Hi Jim,

This is an easy fix. Back the volume off the harmonizer from "0" to "-2" or "-3". Back it off even more if need be. I have the TC Helicon GX-T and it's IMPOSSIBLE to use with the volume on the pedal set at "0" or as I call it 12 o'clock. It feeds back like crazy. The volume on my pedal is set at 10 o'clock or "-2" depending what you want to call it. From there you can still control how wet or dry you want the effect to be because that's a separate adjustment. You don't need to buy any extra gear like a feedback reducer. Totally unnecessary. Have fun! It's a great pedal.

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