Got a T8S TM to use with (2) L1's for an upcoming event.  Is there a signal or tone difference Running XLR / 1/4" TRS cables from the T8S Main outs to the 2 L1's Analog inputs OR with using the 1/4” Mono outs with TRS 1/4” cables?  Thanks!




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ST posted:

Here are some notes for you.

T8S to L1 Model II


Cool info ST

What are the "ToneMatch" port on the mixer and "ToneMatch" port on the L1 Model II used for and do they just hook-up to eachother?

Also, can L1 Model 1S or L1 Model II be daisy-chained off eachother?


  • Mixer --> L1 Model 1S --> L1 Model 1S --> etc.
  • Mixer --> L1 Model II --> L1 Model II --> etc.
  • Mixer --> L1 Model 1S --> L1 Model II --> etc.


Hi BigIsland,

Great question!

The ToneMatch Port on the L1 power stands is engineered to work with a T4S ToneMatch mixer and its predecessor, the T1 ToneMatch audio engine. 

T4S <---> L1 power stand

T1    <---> L1 power stand

You can't use it to connect two L1 power stands or two ToneMatch mixers.

On the T8S, the ToneMatch port is used for the ToneMatch Power Supply (supplied with the T8S).


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