I have recently ordered a 3rd gen Ipod touch for use in my solo gig. Previously I have used a Creative Zen to play backing tracks and a Jetbook E reader for lyrics/chords. The problem with this setup is that the Jetbook doesn't self illuminate so I also need to bring a small clip light for indoor gigs or after the sun goes down. The result is three separate devices to carry and setup and three devices that have to be charged every night before the next gig. In my bid to consolidate these devices I researched a multitude of possibilities but decided on the ipod touch because my eyesight is still pretty good and words like portable, light, compact, and site-lines are all high on my list.
There are a myriad of apps to choose from when considering how to display lyrics/chords but what finally sold me was the ability to associate text with each song via Itunes.
Right click the audio file from within Itunes and navigate to the Id3 tab. Under 'lyrics' there is a form field where you can paste text of your choice. While playing the song on your pod/pad/phone a quick tap of the screen will display this text. There is no scrolling or text sizing/formatting options but, what I really like is that you don't have to scroll through text files in a separate app to see your 'crib sheets', they become part of the mp3 file itself.
Of course, having not received my ipod yet I can't say with certainty that this works but I have read it and watched it work via Utube vids. I hope someone finds this info useful.
Hi folks
Since I visited the forum the last time looking for the ideal app for lyrics on an iPad I have found a gem and amazingly it's free. It's called setlist
I use it live on stage now and it is amazing, you type or copy and paste you're lyrics into it and they appear on a list at the bottom right with a plus. You make up set lists at the top left and then just hit a plus to add a song from your list. Then hit perform and your song is there just flick to the side to move to the next on the list. If you need lyrics onstage an iPad and setlist is awesome. Pity the iPad isn't free Smile

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