I have been doing the duo thing for the past year and going back out solo. I play DADGAD on the 12 string and lots of finger picking JT type of stuff. Wanted to add some good quality MP3 backing tracks into the mix - appreciate any good websites. I have found a couple ... are there any others people would recommend - thanks!

these are the best ones i could fine and you still have to really check the sound quality.
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terrydean posted:
thanks guys ... appreciate the feedback. It seems the multi track ones are pretty decent if you cut out the vocals - sometimes the background singers are a little shaky. Any others people suggest???

Well, really, any track you get you are going to cut out the lead vocals. They put the lead vocals in there so you can hear how the song goes if you need to. I find it amusing that people rate a backing track on the lead singer of the backing track. As far as the backing vocals goes, if they are to bad i cut them out altogether. I find that most backing vocals are to Hot and need to be turned down. I don't know why these sites can't hear that. But KV custom tracks give you the option to turn them down. You have few sites to choose from here.

I-tunes also has backing tracks. Not custom ones though, and you don't know if the track your buying from them ends in a fade out. Karaoke singers don't mind fade outs I guess but most Professional Musicians and Professional singers generally don't want a fade out. JMO Good Luck. Dave 

John Booker posted:

This site is fairly new but we've used them for a couple of custom bespoke backing tracks when there hasn't been any available on the main sites.   They're pretty quick and generating them and was impressed with the quality of the sound:   Custom Backing and Instrumental Tracks: InstrumentalTrax.com

Hi John 

does this site send you the files for each track to do your own mixdown or does it come as one track ?



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