Hi everyone.

We have a wiki page for Duos and there is a spot for a picture.

--== click the picture to see it in context ==--

As you can see, we need a picture for that top right corner.

It could be Duo (preferably on stage)

-= or =-

a picture that conveys that this page is for people who perform as a Duo using their L1®s .

I am hoping you can help.

Any ideas?

The picture should look good at 250 pixels wide and should be no more than 250 pixels long.

If you post a picture in this discussion and you are offering to let it be used in the wiki this way, please put a note in your post.

I am the owner of this picture and grant permission for it to be used in the Bose L1® Encyclopedia, FAQ and wiki.

You will get a photo credit on the wiki page and a link back to your web site if you provide the address.

If we have several photos offered I can swap in different photos as time goes by.

It isn't essential that the picture be of any specific person. If you have other ideas for an image that says "This Page is for Duos", let's talk about it.

At this point I can't promise that I will use your photos, but I wanted to start the discussion and invite your comments.

Thanks everybody!

PS - If you have suggestions for other content for that DJ page please post in this discussion.

Duo FAQs and Application Notes — thanks!
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