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What will happen if you use a longer speakon cable for the B1 to spread them out a bit. Does the length make a difference? How about a 2 conductor speakon cable instead of a 4? What will happen if anything if you use a 2.
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Hi DKrobath.
Good question. We should add this to the new FAQ section for sure.

You definetely want to stick with the 4-wire Speakon cable. If you use 2-wire from the power stand to the bass module, the system doesn't know a B1 is connected. When the power stand knows a B1 is connected it adjusts a bunch of things internally (crossover points, compensation curves to name a couple) so that the system is balanced. By running the B1 without it will sound poor.

The length of a B1 cable can be an issue. We've identified a company that makes good, high-quality compatible long cables. I will post the company's contact information here this morning.
It is not easy see from the picture, but this is a female:female 2/4 pole speakon adapter.

Click image for a link to a supplier.

The part number if you want to search on the web is

I have tossed this and an extra 6 foot, 4 pole speakon cable into my gig bag. This gives me some flexibility if I want to reposition the B1 to help with feedback from my acoustic guitars, and also meets my compulsive need to have a backup strategy for everything.
I have a pair of B1's with my system. I decided that a 10' cable would be perfect for the set up I wanted. You can't find these cables in any music store already made. I went on line to the audiopile website you suggested. The music store wanted $35 for the 10' cable from their supplier. Audiopile sold it to me for $15. After 3 day shipping(which only took 2 days) from Washington State to Maryland, the total was still only $27. The cable and connectors are well made. The person that took my order was very friendly and knew exactly what I wanted. I would highly recommend these people to anyone who needs any kind of cable.
Audiopile - nice people, great service, and their prices are fabulous. Check out their prices on TRS patch cables. Less than half what you would pay at the big box music stores. I wish I had found them 10 years ago. I looked at my insurance list, and I have over $2000 invested in cables and snakes. If I had saved half that, I'd be well on my way to buying my third PAS!
Originally posted by Kyle-at-Bose:
Audiopile makes cables of very high quality and workmanship. We recommend them highly.

Excellent cables and great prices - plus you are supporting a small business!! I've purchased a 4-wire speakon, instrument, mic, and insert cables from them. All number one quality.
Hi KC,

If you get the 15' cable from Mark at you are probably fine.

Here is a little background.

quoting Bill-at-Bose
If I remember right, Mark from Audiopile (who is definitely one of our favorite people) had found that larger guage wires were less susceptible to the problem. Hilmar and I looked into it further to find the root cause, and found the rather subtle issue that, depending on the wire gauges and how the wires were paired in the cable, loud bass signals (in the speaker pair of wires) in extra long cables could capacitively couple into the sensing pair of wires. When it happened, the L1 "thought" you were changing your B1 configuration and would mute.

So we looked at capacitance per foot with different wire guages, and with twisted vs untwisted pairs in the same cable, and looked at our sensing algorithm, and did two things to solve the problem:

We had Mark at Audiopile send us some samples to our new spec, we checked them, and they worked well. This gave a method for our customers who needed a long B1 cable to get one that worked.
The second thing we did was redesign the L1 software so that it could "filter out" the effects of momentary crosstalk and not cause the problem. That way future L1's would not have the issue.

So, with Mark's help we found and implemented two solutions to make the extra long B1 cable work, a use of the system that affects only a relatively small number of our customers.

See it in context
Hi Jimmy & Val,

The link you posted and this one below for the 1.5 meter version are the UK versions of the page that Wolfgang gave us in the wiki page (in German).

These look good.

I use a neutrik male-to-male adapter and a cable like the one above (1.5 meters). This gives me up to 3 meters total when I put the pieces together and the rest of the time I have the comfort of having a back up. I haven't needed anything longer.

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