LOL, met my first BOSE hater in person.

I left one of my blue dongle cords behind on a gig, so I went to Sam Ash to see if I could find a replacement.

I'd been their earlier in the week for xlr outs and knew the soundtech was an opinionated jerk because when I asked about monster cables he went on and on about how monster cables are <bad> and his choice is the best....blah blah blah. Whatever you sold me.....even though I never had a problem with my monster cables yet.

So, anyway I go back to get a blue cord and the same guy is there. They didn't have any 4 pin cords and then I mentioned what it was for. He then says, and I quote, "bose... bring other sound equipment, they should stick to radios."

The teremity of some people. he just insults my equipment but then expect me to give him business. Sorry, I won't go to sam ash anymore bucause of this jokers out right rudeness.

I went on to tell him I use it for small and mid sized gigs, they aren't meant for arena sound. He's like, "no you can't use them for small and mid sized gigs even."

I almost snapped, but held back most of what I wanted to say.

I just looked at him and smiled and said, "you don't know what you are talking about. That's B.S. (but the full words) I've used them for dozens of gigs and got nothing but compliments on my bands sound. I guess people were imagining things"

"You just need a good sound guy." He says.

I went on to tell him the reason I got them is because of, "sound guys", "who are too busy looking at girls and drinking to run sound right."

Anyways, the teremity of some people.

Funny most of the bose haters I've run into online and offline like this guy weren't even musicians, but sound techs. I don't even think this guy plays. Every band and audience I've played in front of loves the sound of our bose systems.

Last time I was at sam ash. he went on and on bragging to some co worker about setting up sound for a couple of venues. Even funnier when I walked in he was showing a PA to some guy and his idea of great sound was ear splitting volume in the live sound department when there was only 4 people in the whole room.

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Don't hold it against Sam Ash because of a sales clerk.

Even if the guy tried it and still didn't like it, he is entitled to his opinion. As a sales person, he should cater to you and not speak his mind.

My remedy for that is to have them ring up some expensive items, within reason, but they still need the approval of the manager - who has to show up at the register to complete the transaction. Wink

... and when it is time to hand over the charge card, I suddenly have a change of mind and cancel the purchase.

When asked why, I explain that I feel my credibility had been compromised by the hired help and I am not sure that I will be shopping there in the future.

Since I always call ahead to see if an item is in stock, I know I can walk in, get the item, have the clerk ring it up, I pay and leave.

I don't mind chatting with them about things, but I don't need to be insulted by some idiot trying to make a commission.
Ya, funny thing was I didn't ask what his opinion of the bose stuff was. I just asked if he was familiar with the bose L1 so he could point out if they had the cord I needed more easily. Then he goes on this whole tirade, like I'm supposed to sell all my equipment and buy a huge pa from him or ask him to do my sound because he doesn't like the bose L1.

"Ok, you are the expert sound guy. I guess I and my audience was imagining the great sound that came out of my L1's."

It was really just outright rude of him. It's really all I could do to not say, "Go <jump in a lake>." He didn't just offer his opinion he did in a very rude way as if I had somehow insulted him. I don't know maybe he fears his sound jobs are in danger if more bands start using systems that don't require a soundguy.

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Don't hold it against Sam Ash because of a sales clerk.

I wouldn't necessarily hold Sam Ash wholely responsible for the less-than-customer-friendly statement made by the sales person, but Sam Ash is partially responsible.

Sounds like either the salesperson has not received sufficient training with respect to dealing with customers, or training has been given but that person isn't suited to be in a Customer Service which case Sam Ash should take the necessary steps to either put him/her in another, more suitable, position within the company, or fire him/her if necessary.

If I go into a store - any store - and receive service such as was described, I turn right around and leave. I don't need to buy anything that badly that I would put up with rude behavior from a sales rep, etc. It's sad that many people in the customer service side of things don't realize that it's the customer who are the reason they receive a paycheck!

The sales person has a right to an opinion of course. But to lecture the customer in this manner is (to me anyway) a sign that the store really doesn't care that much about its customers.

So at the very least I'd speak with the store manager about the situation...and cross my fingers that the store manager thinks as I do...and not as the sales person does!

I think you will always get a negative attitude from a sales person when talikng about equipment they don't sell and can't get. The correct approach would have been to find out why you like the Bose and try to give you a better option. The problem here is they don't have a better option. Call or write a letter to the store manager and explain why you won't be spending your money there anymore. Keep Ken in the back of your mind and keep it nice and professional. Our biggest weapon in any store is our money. I have been slaped on the wrist by Ken. He has a tough job keeping us all on track. I have meet him and he really is a Teddy Bear. Hugs and Kisses Ken. Roy
I had the 'pleasure' of dealing with a "purist" one night, with my Bose system, my Variax, and my podXt Live. This guy was nothing but arrogant in his belief that my entire setup was terrible, while the folks who came to listen to the music were obviously enjoying themselves. It makes me wonder - how long are some musicians going to be stuck fast in 1950's technology? Forever?

And don't get me going on "sound guys." With sound guys, I broke 5 strings a night and inflicted my music on people. Without the sound guys, I haven't broken a string in years, and I share my music with people. Big difference.

Of course, painful volume is really all some musicians have to offer.......

Hey Don...At one time I was also one of the "purists". First, I incorporated the guitar amp modelers and ditched the Twin... then I grew weary of my bandmate's weak attempts at backing vocals so I got a harmonizer. I still cringe at the thought of Milli-Vanilli but there ain't a lotta Chuck Leavells with vocal ability out there so I'm stuck with what I got.

Now factor in the L1's and ditch the bass amp, keyboard amp, mixers, power amps, EV500's and monitors, not to mention a truck to cart 'em all around.

Yikes! I've been completely corrupted!

But dang it, we sound pretty <darn> good!

<Edited by me so nobody has a heart attack>

I played on the 4th of July outdoors and had several PRO musicians come up and ask questions about my Bose including a Bassist who played for Engvey Malmsteen and Ritchie Blackmore, also Wes Orbison said it sounded fantastic.

that guy is just trying to run down what he doesn't sell, a lot of little music stores and big do that same thing.
that guy is just trying to run down what he doesn't sell, a lot of little music stores and big do that same thing.

It seems the better the equipment is that they don't sell, (or more expensive) the louder they complain.

I have gotten some of them over it, since Taylor has started using L1's for their road shows.

They hear how good they sound through the L1.

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