Dear Musicians,

Recently we honored six individuals who have been extraordinarily generous in helping other musicians understand our new approach to live music amplification.

All six have been extremely active on this Message Board, and in their communities, dedicating countless hours of time while never asking for anything from Bose in return.

They are not employees. They are not agents of Bose. They tell us that they do this out of love for their artform and the desire to see and hear more musicians experience the benefits of this new approach. We believe the world is a much better place because of them.

Each received a personalized plaque with the image attached here and a gift, small compensation for the incredible work they've done. (This image of Bruce Mcgrath is by Eve-at-Bose).

We thank these individuals from the bottom of our hearts. They are true PIONEERS.

(Listed alphabetically)

Alan Steinberger

With best regards,

Ken Jacob
Chief Engineer


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To be included with this group of gentlemen in anything is truly humbling and an honor.

The time i have spent on this message board has certainly been a good investment considering the return of sincere smiles, firm handshakes, warm hugs and good music i was able to share with all those who made it to Ashland these past few days.

There is no doubt that our music binds all of us on this message board both spiritually and emotionally and I will be eternally grateful to the Folks-at-Bose for providing the vehicle of technology that brought us together and keeps us connected.

Thanks to all,
I want to thank everyone for making me feel welcome in this community from the day I entered my first post ("gushing" over the amazing experience of hearing our 4 systems for the first time in our studio).

I still feel that my contributions are small in comparison to so many of you, and I also am honored beyond words to be recognized with the likes of the other five Pioneers. They are all amazing individuals, and after the last few days, I also feel honored to call them true friends.

I have felt such a connection with all of you, and this was reinforced tenfold by the East Coast Conference. This online community's spirit is REAL, it is not modified in any way. The only reason people would collectively write with such emotion and feeling, and throw it out for everyone to see, is simply because we all truly believe we have found a better way. It is awesome to be a part of this bright future of live music, and to know more and more of you feel the same way each day.

Best Wishes,
Congrats guys. You truly deserve it. I wish I had the time & consistency to be here day in & day out like you are - helping folks & being the heartbeat.

I also wish I would have known that's why you were at the Res on Wednesday so I could have congratulated you at lunch.

[wink comment edited for questionable intent]
Thanks, guys. I've never felt more appreciated than by Ken and his incredible team. I'm honored to be included with the Pioneers, and to call them my friends.

I tried to convey to Dr. Bose that this conference had little to do with a better loudspeaker, and everything to do with reclaiming the art of live performance. All the magic of sitting in a lobby listening to talented artists like Tom or Oldghm, but delivering that experience to many. What a profound gift we've been handed. I feel a real obligation to pass it forward.
Thanks again Ken and all of you at Bose, for the great honor.

For myself, I was only doing what I could not have not done;
telling others about the born again experience the L1 brought to my life.
Without it, I doubt I would be playing today.

Just to have stood in Dr. Bose's presence and have him speak to us
and shake our hands was a major highlight of my life.

I am happy to be among those who helped keep this forum
one of the most uniquely helpful and respectful on the web.
My hope is that it only gets better.
Drumr, gittar-jonz, holliwil, oldghm, ST and Alan Steinberger
Congratulations I can't think of 6 more deserving people. Especially Drumr and St who have been there for me since I joined this site, thanks guys for all your help personal and professional.
Congrats you six. It's a well deserved recognition. Just from my perspective, I rely on you guys as much as any other member of my team for ideas, info, insight, etc. I hope you recognize how unusual that is and how special that makes this community and your specific endeavors so incredibly valuable.

Thank you for your passion and pursuits. We've all been blessed.
Thank you Ken and thank you Bose.

It is an honour to be associated with these people in this way.

Having gotten to know them on-line and in person, their motives for helping are inexplicably, self-less. It is a quiet joy to be counted among their number.

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