We are Liquid Jazz Project performing across Ontario Canada. We have been performing for around 10 years and started with our very first Bose l1 Classic with two B2 subs since then migrating currently to 6 Bose L1 Model II with B2 subs - 3 Bose T1 Tonematch mixers and recently the new Bose T8s Tonematch - 2 Bose Compacts - 2 Bose S1Pro. Our music represents artists from "The Great American Songbook" 

Liquid Jazz Project - Maximilan De Souza (Upright Bass/Vocalist) - Jonathan Rattos (Band Director and Keyboards) - Craig Rattos (Percussion) Liquid-Jazz-Project-Excellence-with-Bose-logo-300x225

We perform for Corporate Special Events/Golf Clubs and special events. Our clients demand total Professionalism in Attire - Excellent Professional non-intrusive sound system - Selection of Songs and most important Professional Musicians who work with the clients to ensure that we cater to their clients, customers by maintaining a close relationship and ensuring that our performance exceeds their expectation. 

We thank Bose Professional Systems for providing us the opportunity to deliver consistently high quality sound and entertainment using Bose Professional L1 Systems. Bose Technical Support (ST) and the help line are always there to provide us Technical information on going on the product and user assistance. There is no other company that has the ability to provide this excellent service. 

Please review our website www.liquidjazzproject.com and have provided a link to one of your recent concerts. Further videos can be found on youtube under Liquid Jazz Project. 


Thank you to Bose Professional Systems, the Technical Support Staff and Organization for an excellent Product. 


Kind Regards

Maximilan De Souza 

Bassplayer/vocalist/Marketing Manager 



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