If I plug a Microphone into channel 1 and plug a cable from line out to our main PA board, as I increase or decrease the volume of my microphone with the remote, will it increase or decrease the signal to the MAIN? Next, has there been any experience by other users with plugging a Mackie sub(1500SRS) bottom into the bass line out(I know it becomes 110hz and below for the bass and 110hz and up for the PAS), but has anyone tried this yet to see how compatible it is regarding feedback if the units are BEHIND the performer??One last thing-I use a Kurzweil K2600x run in STEREO for bass keyboard and organ,strings,synths,horns,etc.I mix my own monitor,including microphone, and I LOVE this system! I have 2 PAS sticks and 2 B1 bottoms.I'm contemplating adding 2 more B1's to utilize the full 250w of bass per side....But..again..I REALLY am impressed.Oh..I forgot...The 18gal tote bins by Rubbermaid(Wal-Mart-$4 each) are a MUST for the B1's! The bags mine came with didn't prevent scraping of the bottoms while loading in and out of my van.The tote bins offer complete protection and are a perfect fit!!Thanks.I'll be awaiting on line response--I called with questions before, and was ALWAYS able to speak with someone who could help-UNBELIEVABLE SERVICE.
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ST, thanks for chipping in.
The Line Out is directly after the input only influenced by the trim. Its independent of the remote. Alternatively you can use the "send" output from the the effects insert (half-insert a 1/4" plug). That is after the channel volume on the remote but before preset, EQ and master.
I never tried that particular sub, but from our experience with other subs it should work okay. We recommed using it without the B1 bass modules, i.e. use either the sub or the B1s but nor both at the same time.
In this setup the only added trouble with feedback might come from the kick drum mic (I think), although its not likely. Any other mics should be fine. If you actually get low frequencey feedback or ringing from the kick mic you can try moving the sub to the side off the stage (looks better anyway).
Thanks for the compliment on the service. Our boys will be glad to hear that (as am I Smile)

Hope that helps

Okay! Got the line out situation straight.Now, when I spoke to one of the tech's, I was told if I didn't have a B1 plugged in, the crossover at bass line out was 110hz.I just read,however, that it is 180, as it is with the B1 plugged in..If I use a powered sub with this, is the crossover set at 110 or 180?Also, My Mackie SRS1500's are rated at 600RMS each.If I would use 4 B1's(~500watts)would the sound level be comparable in the 40-100hz range??Thanks
If you don't plug in a B1 and connect a powered sub to the bass line out, the cross over will be at 180 Hz and the "Bass Line Out" will deliver a flat 40Hz to 180 Hz signal. The 110 Hz is only used when there is no B1 AND nothing connected to the "Bass Line Out". In this case we assume that the L1s have to provide full bandwidth to the besy of their ability.
The only way to find out whether 4 B1s or 1 SRS1500 is louder is to put them up side by side and measure them (which we haven't done yet). MAX SPL specifications are notoriously unreliable and depend heavily on the exact measurement method so unfortunately we can't use them to compare. My guess is that given size and weight the SRS1500 should be a little louder than 4 B1 bass modules.
Hope that helps

I just ordered 2 more B1's yesterday, and they will be under a 30 day trial.I will put them up side by side to my Mackie 1500 to see what it sounds like.My Kurweil K2600x(88 keys) sounds very impressive with 2 sticks and 2 B1's now, except I'm curious to capabilities with the 4 B1's.Some clubs we play in are VERY difficult accoustically, so I'm trying to cope with all sorts of venues.By the way, when I ordered the 2 more B1's, the guy I spoke with(I believe it was Steve..) said you were out of Speakon 5ft B1 module cables, so I am finding a couple on the aftermarket around here.After I try a couple more things,I'll give you an in-depth report on my situation-I'm finding out a bunch of new things about sound systems and what I like and don't like.By the way, I'm keeping the 2 sticks and 2B1's no matter what!!I'll get back to you.And..I now understand specifically the crossover procedure-I got a couple differing answers before.It sometimes is hard to comprehend technical terms with so many different applications to consider.Thanks, and as the system gets more popular, please don't change ANYTHING with your feedback and service!It is superlative.

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