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I am using the T8s. We plan to use two powered speakers out front and place the L1 behind us at our next show. A T1 ToneMatch mixer is connected to the T8S via the channel 9 input on the T8S.  Channels 1-8 on the T8s are panned to the center. I am using a balanced 1/4 TRS cable from the right master output channel (mono)  to the L1 base. Tonight in practice we also connected the left XLR master output to a powered speaker (Mackie SRM-450). The volume level to the L1 was as usual and fine. However the master output volume to to the powered speaker was substantially lower than it was to the L1. The linear output meter on the T8S confirmed this. We had to turn the volume way up on the powered speaker get a usable volume level but it's not going to be loud enough for our upcoming outdoor event.  I am concerned that we won't have enough output level to push those powered speakers. What can I do to increase  the master volume level on the XLR outputs?  Shouldn't the output volume be the same for all master outputs?

Thanks for your help!

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