Seems to me that the Bose Message Board is loaded to the gills with the best information about using the system.

However, who has time to read the whole Bose Message Board?

Suggestion - how about a downloadable PDF document with all the great advice and ideas of the last 16 months or so condensed into something readable and searchable? All the mistakes that have been made - all the great ideas - all the advice - all the settings - in one place a little smaller than the whole Message Board?

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To quote a great American, Curly, "Oh, a wise guy, huh?"

Hey, S-A-B, I just used your PS1 MkIII Lead today - it works pretty good for "Cinnamon Girl." Keep up the good work.

Hey, I'm the Idea Guy - it's up to the Guys-At-Bose to write their own manual!

That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it!


Well if you are looking for a combination of mistakes and good ideas, Just click on Find, type in Oldghm and click GO, If you really want good advice, it's a bit more difficult to weed it out.

On a more serious note, If there was a way a complete computer idiot like myself could checkmark for later retrival those post that I think offer good advice I would be happy to wander around in here and mark some.


I think the easiest way to do it would be to copy the URL to a message. To copy a URL just click on the "not card" (just to the left of the word "Posted ..." on each post) and then right click in the "Address" box on your browser and hit "Copy" then go to your new message and paste it with a quick "what's it about" line. Like this:

Post about good ideas on the forum:

Does that make sense?

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