L1 Model II

Let's talk about the L1® Portable Line Array Systems

Using proprietary Bose® technology, L1 systems combine  PA and monitors into a single, highly portable unit. The  loudspeaker can be positioned behind or to the side —and you hear what the audience hears.

Highly portable PA and monitor combined for solo performers, DJs and general-purpose use. Fixed vertical control with 180° horizontal coverage Reduced vulnerability to feedback.

Three systems to choose from (Compact, Model 1S, Model II)
Two passive bass module options (B1 or B2)
Consistent coverage and tonal balance, portability and easy setup.

L1M2 repair Adelaide Australia

Hi Everone. I’ve been trying for over a week now to speak to Bose in Australia.  Every time I call I get to an offshore call centre who promise to get back but never do.   I’ve been referred to a local authorised repairer who have been very polite but can not answer my questions. 

I am reaching out here for advice 

My L1M2 B2 T1 has failed with the following symptoms.  Noisy Pop Redlight on power stand Shut down. 

Removed T1 tried direct to Analogue input.  With trim at Zero volume was high then Noisy Pop Redlight on power stand Shut down. 

By this I mean the trim pot, also noisy probably dusty, had Zero effect on input trim  

Checked air intake clear.  Tried different power outlets upstairs and downstairs (different power circuits) and same result.  Therefore = Fault. 

Many people here report Great turnaround service from Bose USA  

If expensive to repair they are sometimes offered a new discounted power stand.  Regardless musicians are up and running more quickly because they have options  

I love the L1 and all I wanted to do is discuss my options with Bose AU but there is no one to talk to  

My only option is to personally deliver my L1 to repairer and Pay $88 for a diagnosis.  They do reimburse against a repair but I cannot find out if they reimburse should a new power stand be more economical 

Nor can I get any indication of what s maximum repair might cost without paying $88  

It will take a few days to diagnose and quote  Then 5-7 working days from repair authorisation to get parts from Bose but only if they are in stock.  Essentially I may be at least another 2 weeks without my L1  

My other biggest concern is if Bose are pulling out of support for L1 in AU I need to consider how I promote to my friends and punters when they ask about my L1 system   I’m not confident to recommend a premium product that offers musicians in my state no support 

I live in Adelaide which is the Captal City of South Australia  Maybe we are a little small to be of importance?  

In Addition (I will put this on the S1 forum also)  I participated in the S1 backpack redemption offer   I bought S1 on the back of the extremely positive comments right here   It’s been a great purchase  Bose referred me to the marketing team re redemption  several emails and Zero response  I still have no backpack and no idea of what might happen  14 weeks after the event  (I waited 12 weeks patiently as indicated by the redemption promotion) 

What will happen should I have an S1  repair issue down the track?

Ive tried to be genuine here  I understand AU is nowhere the Size of USA  However Premium Priced Products (No Regrets as the L1 is Supurb) deserve at least IMHO someone to answer a call of help  

Thanks Readers  






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