I see I am indeed on the attendees list

Thank you so much for the moniker, Mr. Douglas.

ST, Despite what Andrew has written, I would appreciate not being referred to as "Big Schwaz" as the term, while not pejorative, could be construed as false advertising.
Roll Eyes
Addressing me as Charles seems to work best. Chaz is also acceptable. My full name is:
William Charles Baird Mitchell. You could also pick from that...

Now you can call me Will
Or you can call me Bill
Or you can call me Chuckie
Or you can call me Mitchie
Or you can call me Chaz
(often I'm a spaz)
Or you can call me Bairdy
(But I never have liked Charlie)
Or you can call me CB
Or you can call me wcbm
Butcha doesn't hasta call me Big Schwaz!

(Sorry, it's late, it's Friday, etc.)
Another update: Sorry for the confusion here, but I have been able to secure a replacement attendee to accompany me at the conference. My brother, Murray Johnson, is a Broadcast Engineer with CBC in Toronto, Canada and will handle the technical side for me as he is an audio engineer as well as a guitarist/keyboardist/mediocre drummer (sibling rivalry being what it is!). See you there.
Hi KeyWest

Ahhh Mississauga, I remember it well.

Here's a link to the latest version of the agenda. I think you will find that the topics have a pretty tight focus on the performing musicians' approach and experience of the System.

Bose has had events for DJ/KJs in the past and maybe something like that would be a better fit for you.

I think Chuck-at-Bose co-ordinated the last one, and he might be good contact for this.
Hi all,
With many regrets it doesn't look like I will be able to make the trip for the fall conference. Between travel for my day job, just moving into a new house, and the holiday gig season starting to kick in, I just can't break away even for a few days. (My family wouldn't mind seeing me once in awhile too!) Please send some of the vibe my way and keep me posted on the next one.
I'm looking forward to reading all about it on the forum soon.
Unfortunately, I too will not be able to make it. Some resources changes have just occurred at my job, and I'm one of the few people being kept on. So instead of 6 of us, there will be 3 by the end of the month, and I won't have the coverage I thought.

I'm bummed, but I'm sure there will be another chance. Have fun everybody....