As long as it's on Oct 29-30 and not too much north of Boston put me down for a go. If via train/car from NYC can bring a guitar or two or three and probably a cool pedalboard.

Dunno 100% about the wife and dog shaped family member but probably not since that weekend falls in-between our planned east/west commutes anyway.

May invite a classical guitar monster and co-worker though? He'd love to learn how to get a killer nylon tone with the L1 and shred some Bach or something.

Joe Payne aka: ASAT
I put this up as a separate topic, will paste here:

There is some concern about keys on the chat about the conference announcement. We'll bring the following:

GEM ProMega3 piano (88, great grand and Rhodes)
Nord Electro 63 (great Hammond/Leslie, Wurlitzer, D6 clav)
Stands and pedals

What's not to love?

Are you narrowing down the location any?

Makes a difference as to what airport we all need to pick.

I'm thinking the Providence airport for less congestion,
but if we wind up gathering north of Boston,
that will be a long way.

Do you have any recommendations to make it any easier...traffic-wise?
Is the Providence area really any easier to drive around in?
Bear in mind, I'm used to driving in the sticks.
Hi All,

We're very close to making an announcement on location.

In all liklihood, here are the distances and approximate travel times for the three airports to the conference.

Boston (BOS) 28 miles, 45 minutes
Providence (PVD) 53 miles, 60 minutes
Manchester (MHT) 74 miles, 75 minutes

Boston is the hardest to navigate and the most likely to have serious traffic delays with the Ted Williams tunnel still out of commission. There's a good chance it'll be back in operation by the conference at which point the navigation is very easy and traffic concerns very moderate.

Providence airport is very easy, with interstate highway the whole way, no cities to navigate through, and a low probability of traffic delays.

Manchester is also very easy with interstate the whole way and a low probability of traffic delays.

(Note to engineers: no fair triangulating.)

Too late. I'm an inactive pilot and have the FAA Sectional Charts for the entire Northeast on my office wall. Took me all of three milliseconds to get up and start looking at them.

I won't let the solution I found out of the bag, but I think I might be able to smell the ocean.

If I'm right, this is nearby:
Considering I was using a string on a map (straight line distance) I'm not surprised I was wrong. using only deduction (no maps) and considering over-the-road distances....

Well, it has to be somewhere in Massachusetts, because anywhere in NH, Maine or Connecticut that is 74 miles from Manchester is automatically more than 28 miles from Logan.

It's going to be somewhere inside or near the I-495 belt road, because most of that road is approximately 28 miles from Logan.

It also is not going to be north of the city, because IIRC you don't need to use the Ted Williams tunnel to go north from the airport.

Starting to sound like the Mothership to me... Cool

BTW for the forum members, that lighthouse is in Scituate, southeast of Boston.
The Inn's too rich for my blood (I spend all my spare cash on gear!). I'll take a slot in one of the cabins.

This was a near thing. I'm 2.5 hours away by car, and when I'm deciding whether to do something myself or pay for it, I generally "pay" myself ten bucks an hour. So it'd "cost" me $50 in time each day to drive, not even counting gas. Besides, I'm sure that there will be enough interesting company and activities to make it WELL worth staying overnight.

Same question as Drumr. How do we proceed?
I think I'll rough it in a cabin. I will be taking my Flamenco guitar with built-in synth pickup (the main reason I bought the L1, it sounds quite unbelievable), my GR-33, one L1, and a bass guitar and electric guitar. I wish I had access to a bass in Big Sur; this time I will, and probably won't need it. Ashland is near the start of the Boston Marathon, if I recall correctly. Nice area. ST, I'm coming up Sunday, so I hope we can hang a bit.
My wife Patty and I would also prefer one of the Inn rooms, please.

Sounds wonderfully serene and beautiful, this will be my first trip to New England in the Fall.

I'm doing everything but eat my hat to try & make it there now.

C'mon Tom.....just pour some Tabasco on it and choke it down! Wink

Seriously, Check out Jet Blue out of Denver. 119 bucks round trip.|538273084

If my guitar buddy agrees to go and drive I'll spring for two nights (sun/mon) at the Inn - double beds please. But, if he bails-out I'll go commando with a cabin bed. If the pickin' get's rolling like I hope it will, won't need much anyway...

Ken - Gimme a few days to confirm which way works best, okay?

cheers and thanks for the invite!

I intend to be there. I'm bringing a Jazz Bass and look forward to meeting and playing. Thanks Rick Prince
Originally posted by ST:
Please post a note here if you plan on attending the L1™ Musicians Conference (Fall 2006)

Posting here is not a commitment, but if you think there's a good chance you can make it, please say something here. It will be a huge help in the planning for the event.

Please indicate the number of people in your party

Here are the details that we know now.

Dates: October 29-31 2006 inclusive

Warren Conference Center & Inn in Ashland, MA.
529 Chestnut Street
Ashland, Massachusetts 01721
508.231.3441 fax

Main site:


  • within a 90 minute drive of Boston
  • accessible from three major airports: Boston, Providence (RI), and Manchester (NH)


    Latest info about who is attending
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