Please post a note here if you plan on attending the L1™ Musicians Conference (Fall 2006)

Posting here is not a commitment, but if you think there's a good chance you can make it, please say something here. It will be a huge help in the planning for the event.

Please indicate the number of people in your party

Here are the details that we know now.

Dates: October 29-31 2006 inclusive

Warren Conference Center & Inn in Ashland, MA.
529 Chestnut Street
Ashland, Massachusetts 01721
508.231.3441 fax

Main site:



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Mary Anne and I are both looking forward to this!

g-j, if you'd like to supply a keyboard, that'd be great. What might you bring, and do you have both sustain and volume pedals?

I don't think we're likely to bring a cello, but it'd be really cool if Ned Steinberger wanted to drive down with a few of his instruments!
It makes me heartsick to miss it, but I have a new album to promote, concerts to set up, & family to take care of. I really can't afford it so soon again. I'll be up for the next one though. How about something in the middle of the country, or even in my home state of Colorado? I sure could use the fix I got in April in Big Sur.
I really can't afford it so soon again

I feel that pain, seriously.
Still, I wouldn't miss it.

Some concrete details would be helpful though,
I'm still unsure what is going on, where to fly in, etc.

BTW, Tour de Frank (Zappa plays Zappa) at Chevrolet Theatre in Wallingford, CT Oct 29th.
Damm'er...can't be in two places at once!
MrsBlueEyes ('cept they're hazel) said this morning, "You should go..."

Wide-eyed, I found this thread. Dollar-wise, it doesn't make cents. Uh...sense.

I, too, look forward to more details. After Drumr's report on the California trip (which I could in no way do), this sounds quite appealing, and comes at a better time for me.

Staying tuned...

Alan & Jeff - I have a few keyboards available to me... the basic Triton, Kurzweil types. I'm sure that between me, Cliff, and any other at-Bose keyboards players who will be attending, we'll have something there that would work for you guys. There's bound to be some gear and set up conversations starting over the next few weeks to address this.
To all - I'm having a great time reading along with you guys - but I'm REALLY trying to figure out how many folks are going to show up.

This is what I've got so far.
? means it sounds like you were coming but I don't know how many bodies are in your party.
Originally posted by Drumr:

Julie coming with, she's never been east.

Put Pete down for 3. He needs a chaperone.

Truly, though, once all the jazz gets figured out (location(s), schedule, lodging options, rental car requirements, etc.), I'll be able to make a better assessment as to my attendance.

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