I have a L1 model II with a single B1 and the TonMatch that I have used for small group gigs a couple of times - all acoustic guitars and mics. I have been invited to gig with my Roland V-drums for the first time (totally intimidated now), here is the situation. The band has one mixer channel for me and only 2 floor monitors for all four of us. They do have two powered subwoofers and some nice powered mains.

I am concerned that I will not be able to here myself in the back from the floor monitors up front. Can I use my Bose as my personal monitor? How would I set this up? Can I send my signal to the band's mixer? Where Should I place the system relative to me (behind, side, facing)? Will my system "bother" the front guys? Should I use a DI box?

I am open to buying a second B1 if needed.

Thanks in advance,

New guy.


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Go Mono from your Roland Mixer to the Tonematch, and send the AUX signal to their mixer.  1/4" to DI to XLR to mixer is a safe approach, unless the mixer is within 20ft, in which case 1/4" to mixer is fine. (Check manual for adjusting your channel's aux level if you're not up to speed on that.) This will leave you a fixed volume level to their mixer, and if you need to adjust your personal monitor (L1) level, you can use the main control on the Tonematch without affecting the House PA level.  Behind or to the side probably won't change much.

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