Classic model - bought in 2003. Played out yesterday (solo - single acoustic and vocals) and was getting feedback when I turned the volume up. Was about 6 feet in front of tower.  Did not have a "feedback buster" insert for my guitar. Any suggestions on what the problem could have been? I appreciate any help. Sorry if the question is dumb and rudimentary. 

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Hi cpolen350,

Welcome to the Bose Portable PA Community.  I'm glad you found us.

Were you getting feedback from the guitar or vocal mic(s) or both?

Are you using the ToneMatch Presets? Which ones?

Did you try using the R1 Remote tone controls?


Hi cpolen350,

cpolen350 posted:

Hello! Thanks for answering! Was guitar only. Was using Preset for Taylor - was playing a Seagull. Didn't adjust anything on the Remote - guy from audience suggested I turn everything up a bit and only the guitar was giving me trouble. 

Here are some suggestions.

  • Put a little more distance between the guitar and the B1 bass module
  • If the Seagull has tone controls, turn down the bass
  • On the R1 Remote, turn down the bass
  • Try different ToneMatch Presets for example
    • If you are using a Taylor Preset that includes the term "Finger", try a different one that says "Strum" (the strum Presets are less bassy)
  • Try a sound hole feedback buster

Does that help?

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