Hi Guys

Following on from my recent post about the T1 settings and confusion with the trim control, I am pleased to report that after some tweaking  following tips from forum members I have now sussed what the trim is all about.

Special thanks to ST!

I did a gig Saturday in a very compact pub in the heart of Whitstable, I would normally take my L1 Compact but thought I'd load the L1M2/B2 and am glad I did.

The sound was superb.

All the previous issues of compression etc have all gone, seems I have finally got the trim set at the perfect level.

I was pumping some serious watts to a very appreciative and very lively crowd and still had bags of headroom.

The windows behind me in the attached pic were actually vibrating!!

I have found I have started to use the L1M2 more often even for the smaller venues provided they have the height.

Love the sound of this system so much.

The landlord of the pub wanted me to leave it behind!!

Ha Ha....fat chance!

Cheers guys





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Hi rogueacoustic

As above. The link ST sent is exactly how I did it.

I have to admit that when I first bought my system I was in so much rush to gig it that I never really fully understood how to set it up, this forum and especially ST has been invaluable.



Ok.  I was in that original thread.  The reason I ask is because that method didn't quite work that well with me. I'm not saying it doesn't work. I find this method is pretty much the same as setting up any other analog mixer and PA system.  

I would set up my Bose using this method, but for some reason, by time the second or third set, I would start having these compression issues.  My remedy for this was to turn up my master volume around 2 o'clock and work backward from there. My channel volumes are set around 11 o'clock.  I don't remember if I had set them there randomly or not.  Then I set my trim well back from approaching yellow/red.  

Mind you, this was all done on the fly. I still haven't been able to put together my system in a non-gig situation to iron out bugs, but it has gotten me the most volume out of the system with minimal feedback and zero compression issues. This is running 2 vocals with Audix OM5's, one acoustic guitar and a stomp box.

I will at some point try the offered method again to try and pinpoint why it didn't work out for me the first time.  I'm always looking for ways to get the best from what I've got.  I appreciate the help.

Hi, Jay (discovergems).

discovergems posted:

Do you run your electric guitar through the L1M2 as well..from a pedal board or something, into the T1?  How does that sound?


I use modelers (and pedalboards with guitar amp modeling) all the time. Here is an article with some ideas.

Electric Guitar



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