Hi Folks,

As previously announced, we'll have a number of acts playing a tune or two on Sunday night in the lobby bar at the Inn, a beautiful spot (see picture below). A number of you have already signed up for slots on Sunday and more are welcome. These slots will not use electric guitars or drums, as the lobby is lower key.

On Monday night, however, we have the whole Lodge building to ourselves. This is where we take our meals, and it's a great expansive room, and we can be louder.

I know that many (all?) want to play, and I believe that a little bit of organization will go a LONG WAY towards giving people that chance and having a memorable evening of music from an extraordinary bunch of players.

To help us with this, I've asked trumpet/flugelhorn/wind-controller great and L1 owner Ken Bausano to help us get organized for MONDAY NIGHT MUSIC.

Soon, he'll post here a list of songs with changes and a mechanism for signing up for songs. I'm sure Ken would love to hear suggestions for songs.

I'd like to ask everyone to be sensitive to the fact that we'll never please everyone 100%. In other words, let's place the emphasis on the group experience, not the individual experience, in thinking about how to make the music flow.

The players coming to this conference are capable, with a little work to organize, oen of the greatest L1™ concerts of all time. Let's everyone pitch in to make that happen.


Ken Jacob
Chief Engineer


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Originally posted by Ken-at-Bose:
Here are a few tunes that I love and could fit.

(Of course, only Tom Munch would be allowed to sing the lead on Wichita Lineman. No other restrictions.)

Ooooh - You don't want to hear me sing Wichita Lineman. Eek

That's a great list - from crazy to rock 'n' roll, & everything in between.
Hi ST,

I tried uploading an attachment of file type .txt and got rejected even thought the rejection message said text files were okay (?).

Anyway, I'll paste it here hoping that the tab delimeter was retained.

Name Artist
You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You Sam Cooke
Wichita Lineman Glen Campbell
When a Man Loves a Woman The Linemen
What a Wonderful World Etta Jones
Watching the River Flow Bob Dylan
Walk On By Aretha Franklin; Arranged & conducted by Belford C. Hendricks
Voodoo Chile Jimi Hendrix Experience
The Things That I Used to Do Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
The Beat Goes On Giant Sand
Summertime Sam Cooke
Strange Fruit Billie Hoilday
Statesboro Blues Allman Brothers Band
St. Louis Blues Etta James
Red House Jimi Hendrix
Ramblin' Man Allman Brothers Band
Positively 4th Street "Jerry Garcia, Merl Saunders, John Kahn & Bill Vitt"
Outa Space Billiy Preston
Mountain Jam Allman Brothers Band
Midnight Rider Allman Brothers Band
Mickey Mouse March Aaron Neville and Dr. John
Mama Tried Merle Haggard
Little Red Rooster Sam Cooke
It Don't Mean A Thing Duke Ellington
It's Your Thing The Linemen
I Should Care Thelonious Monk
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) Marvin Gaye
Hey Joe Jimi Hendrix Experience
"He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" Glen Campbell
Georgia on My Mind Lou Rawls
El Paso Marty Robbins
Drown In My Own Tears (Live 1959) Ray Charles
Dr. Feelgood (Love Is a Serious Business) Aretha Franklin
Cissy Strut The Linemen
By the Time I Get to Phoenix Glen Campbell
Born Under A Bad Sign Jimi Hendrix
Blue Moon Bob Dylan
Big River Johnny Cash
Ain't No Sunshine Bill Withers
A Change Is Gonna Come Sam Cooke
Good morning, forum members and conference attendees. Ken Jacob beat me to the punch today in announcing the Monday evening music extravaganza at the Fall Conference event (and wow, Ken - quite the list of hits you posted! Smile)

My hope is to organize as complete a list of performers as possible for Monday night's event, as well as put the program together in terms of tunes played, which players involved in which songs and in what order (as well as shine shoes and do dishes). Here's how you can participate:

1) If you are interested in performing Monday evening, please provide the following info: Your name, instrument(s) including vocals, musical level (beginner, intermediate, professional), music reading ability (adequate, limited), as well as email and other contact information

2) You may post this information in an edited version to this discussion page if you like - but PLEASE make sure you send a complete version to me, at my home email address listed below so that I can keep an accurate count (and confidential, if you prefer)

3)I am also taking some LIMITED suggestions for tunes. My goal is to cover a bit of the waterfront as far as genre's, instrumentation and whether reading will be required. My head's already swimming with Ken's submission! LOL

4) My personal hope is to get a small (or large) 'big band' together for a tune or three, which perhaps will require a read-down rehearsal sometime prior to Monday night. If you have suggestions for these particular moments of the program, please have charts available. I'm hoping for a minimum of 3 horns - but readily capable of expanding to 15 if we have the horses! Anyone interested?

As always, this is a work in development. Suggestions are coveted. I will do what I can to utilize the great talents we have available, but please be gentle as decisions are made Roll Eyes I am aware of the skills of many of the attendees, but not all - so your submission of the information above will help greatly in me knowing you all better, and us experiencing a memorable program! Thanks all for your help.

Ken Bausano
Hi all, I just emailed Ken that I can bring a few very easy charts for trumpet(s) and tenor sax(s) that I use with my dance band, and my singer will be there to croon a couple, and these are designed to be jammed on anyway. Very standard tunes, although some in funny keys, but things like In The Mood, Domino, Get Ready, Jump, Jive & Wail, Route 66, Smooth, and so on. I have alto sax parts for some as well. Rhythm sectin parts are basically chord changes with a few notes here and there for intros and endings.
Originally posted by jazzhorn1:
I'm hoping for a minimum of 3 horns - but readily capable of expanding to 15 if we have the horses! Anyone interested?

I'd love to play trombone in a horn section, Ken. Horn parts available for Chicago, T.O.P., other soul music . . .details to your home email.
Hey Bose East Monday night players,

I know everyone is busy - but we're getting down to crunch time :-) First off - thanks to you all who have emailed expressing interest in playing Monday. We have a good start, but need some more hard commitments to make things really nice.

I am looking for some choices for specific players, that will be available to perform Monday night, as well as a rehearsal sometime during the weekend we're there this next weekend. These particular players probably have to be readers, but it's possible some rhythm players with good ears and some work on their own (and MP3's I can send) can make this work as well. Check the list and let me know ASAP what you think?

One 'basic' band will require guitar, piano, bass (upright if we can get it!) and drums. Basic horn section must be alto/tenor sax, tenor/bari sax, and trumpet - but more is better, including more saxes, bones and trumpets. Soloists are especially coveted, in all sections. Also - any lead vocalists (male &/or female).

I have heard from many of you - I'm trying to get some final commitments from everyone to see if we can put 1. a big band, 2. a 'little big band'(7 to 11 pieces), and 3. a horn-only a cappella group (5 horns - 2 trumpets, 1 bone, soprano/alto sax, tenor/bari sax). I have charts for all of the above, and we can also do any other charts available (Tower of Power, Blues Bros, Chicago etc that people might bring).

Also remember there will be some spots open for other performers as well, perhaps doing covers easily pulled off without the need for a read-down.

Bill Becker - we might need your help! :-) And Cliff - we KNOW you got's ta dew Alley Oop! Can someone at Bose also contact Ken Brown for me regarding all this? Razz

BTW - some of MY horn chart choices?
Horse''s Mouth - Red & the Red Hots
Just for a Thrill - everyone
Stevie Wonder Medley - Hornheads
Don't Get Around Anymore - Ellington
Glen Miller Medley
50's Medley (Rock Around the Clock, Shake Rattle & Roll, Great Balls of Fire, Johnny B. Goode)
A Stan Kenton Medly
You're the Boss - Brian Setzer
Walkin' Blues - Royal Crown Revue
Jump, Jive & Wail - Brian Setzer
Boogie Man - Red & the Red Hots
Blue Suit Boogie
Hurry up Dollar - Original
Someone to Watch Over Me - Sarah Vaughn
Beautiful Maria - Mambo Kings
Flip, Flop & Fly
Sufferin' With the Blues - Nancy Wilson

Some Big Band stuff - if we get there!

Again - the lists will be pared down to perhaps 12-15 in number by the time the weekend arrives - mostly based on the horses available. So please pass the word along - and have peeps contact me directly (I fly out Thursday, so get to me soon!)

Musically yours,

Ken Bausano
trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, wind controllers

(661) 589-5356 (h)
(661) 809-8664 (c)
Just in case I was unclear, my list above is not THE list - just ideas I pulled from my own book to add to Ken Jacob's suggestions and others. The final show list may maintain some flexibility even up to the weekend, depending on circumstances, but will be picked from tunes from ALL the suggestions made.

BTW - anyone sing Sinatra, Elvis, Nancy Wilson or Sarah Vaughn? Roll Eyes
Well, I don't know any of those songs, but I would love to be able to play with others at some point during the Conference. I've been playing Celtic music for so long I've forgotten most of the stuff I used to play. I recognize most of those tunes, but I've forgotten most of the parts.
Okay, folks...we REALLY need to get our act together on this stuff.

Ken and Jazzhorn have posted some very long and intimidating lists. I don't know how to begin...I'm afraid to even attempt any of it, Ken hasn't returned my messages and there's NO time left to learn anything new.

I believe that every reasonably competent musician knows, on average, about 60 songs by heart. That's a typical band's set list.

The problem is, we don't all know the same songs. And not that many of us can go beyond what we've learned. The true masters can ask "what key?" and do just fine from the get-go...but I'm certainly not one of those guys.

With all due respect, you guys seem to want to put together a great big, talented pickup band. Now, I've been playing a long time, but the thought of having to play bass for something like that terrifies me. I can't see standing up in front of a hot horn section and doing anything other than soiling myself. Given some practice I'd be fine...but cold? NO THANKS.

The wiki had a section for individual songs, but apart from me the only one to contribute has been Holliwill. I've learned his suggestion and will be glad to play it. He's expressed interest in playing one of mine.

This approach seems FAR more manageable to me.

Surely someone else can contribute in similar fashion?


We've got only a few days left. I can learn four or five songs, but that's it.
To Chuck and Andrew (and all other attendees Smile)

The lists are NOT meant to be intimidating at all - Both Ken Jacob's list and my own were long suggestions, trying to get feedback. In Ken's case, most are cover tunes that perhaps people know. In my list's case, all of the tunes have written charts that I will be bringing. Other attendees have also suggested they would be bringing various written parts for tunes. Because we have such a wide variety of performers within varied musical genres and experiences, we know there will be no way to cover EVERYONE's desires, and indeed the night may contain somewhere around 12 to 20 selections at my best guess. But it will be my effort to cover as many players in as many situations as I can - keeping in mind the limitations of time available for a Monday performance. As well, Sunday is another opportunity to play, in a slightly less structured setting if that suits Smile

My ULTIMATE goal is to help make everyone look good - so I'm doing what I can to match people with tunes they know (if not particularly readers), so no worries about having to 'bone up' to learn something you're not familiar with. Of course, if you WANT to do that - wonderful! And if we get enough readers and horns, we'll do the same - match tunes to skill sets, so that everyone has a good time.

Certainly there is no desire to leave people out. If we can put a horn section together - it will not take up the whole program. They would merely be one facit of the evening's performances. The difficulty lies in many players from across the country not knowing each other well (yet Roll Eyes) - so hang in there guys!

And please be gentle on me as I try to make this event work, and the people involved feel a part of it. I have been asked to make the hard decisions involved in putting the show list together, but I'm just a player, like you all are - and a long time believer in the L1. Certainly write me directly with any suggestions or thoughts that might help me in this process. I do appreciate your input, and if you want to play a role and I have not heard from you as of yet - PLEASE email me directly so I know what you bring to our musical table.

(And Andrew, if you have sent anything to ME (I'm a Ken also), I haven't received anything. Please try again!)


Don't worry about learning stuff...come with what you know.
You'll do just fine, and will have a great time listening to all the other players.

At Big Sur, I remember listening and thinking "oh, I know that tune, I can play that!", and "that one too".
But when my chance came to play, I didn't know either one of them. That's how it goes.
We'll get thru it, hopefully with a minimum amount of embarrassment. Red Face
And a maximum amount of fun!
Fall Conference update/Preset-Collectors' Extravaganza!: If any of you bring your ps1's, Mike Zartarian will upload any of the new (as of yet unannounced) ToneMatch presets for you, to reside in slots 90-99. These include David Gage pickups and instruments, NS Design instruments, Rickenbacker guitars and basses, Renaissance Guitars, Lakland basses (some nice voicings for any bass, actually), Baggs pickups and our recently-announced Taylor presets. If he isn't swamped with all this, he'll make up some CD's if you want to load your own at home. This is in advance of our announcement of the entire program, probably in the spring.
That brings up a point Cliff. I'm driving in so I can bring mine with me but, to clarify something, we're not expected have an L1 with us...are we? Also, in regards to the jamming conversation, I can probably play over two hundred tunes between guitar and banjo but I'm just going to take a 'wait and see' attitude. I'm not a jazz player but I wouldn't mind watching some jazz players work it out. My ego is satisfied with the level of playing out I do, which is mostly solo anyway. I'll have a guitar and banjo with me and take it from there. Aaahhhhhhh.....no pressure.


Who is the Musical Director for Sunday night (in other words - who do I talk to?)

Also, can we make arrangements with the Conference Center to use the big space for set-up and rehearsal on Sunday?
I'll be glad to try anything. I can usually do OK with chord charts. I'm dyslexic when it comes to reading music, and I have been so for the 40 years I've tried to do it. As a result, though, I have very good ears, and can usually keep up with things that aren't too manic.

So I'm open for whatever happens the whole time. Hopefully it'll be like an Irish music session during the entire conference, where people can drop in, drop out, and just have fun playing.
I plan to put together a program for Sunday night on Sunday afternoon. No music direction, just the order of folks playing probably.

On the question of a rehearsal on Sunday, we'll have the big room (The Lodge) in the afternoon to setup. Assuming we can get things set by say 4PM, it's all yours until dinner at 6:30.

Ken (jazzhorn1) asked me if there was a way to do a mass email to all the folks who are coming (especially the ones who will might be be playing on Monday night).

I don't have a way to get everyone's email. So I suggested to Ken that we get everyone who is coming who might even consider playing (or not), to send him an email.

So this is it.

Please send an email to

subject: Bose East Monday Music

Anything at all in the body of the message and in no time Ken will have everybody's email.
AND - you might add a cell phone contact (for ease). I am leaving by 2 pm Pacific today Thursday - and won't have access to email for perhaps 24-36 hours as we travel. If there is important business, don't hesitate to call my call phone.

See you in Ashland!
Ken Bausano
Cell: (661) 809-8664
Everyone else - if you want to add your contact info - you can do it here:

Conference Contact Info

Just click edit at the top of the page, create a new account (under 30 sec), then follow the format I used for Ken near the bottom of the page.

I can scrub that page after the conference so that info will only be online until Wednesday next week.
We're all excited. I'm going to try & update from the plane this time (like I did from the road last time). I won't be able to post pics without ST's help, & he'll be in the air too. I don't fly out until 11:40 pm tonight & land in Boston at 4:20 am, though, so I doubt anyone will see my postings. I wonder if that 4:20 takes into account the time change I'll be experiencing mid-flight.

Everyone remember to change your time to STANDARD TIME so you don't miss the evening session.
Hey Andrew - will your band guys be here at the the Conference? That would be really cool to bring another prepped band in to do what you do best (Chuck Nemitz will be bringing his guys in for a couple toonz). Waddaya say?

Hey cool! My band plays a few Eagles tunes. We do a pretty good Hotel California. Maybe we'll get to jam with them....
I'm sitting at DIA waiting for the flight. It's 10:41 pm & I leave at 12:15 am - delayed from 11:40 pm. I'm excited, but I'm really tired & hope to sleep a bunch on the flight. I'm a bad flyer (one reason I drove to Big Sur) & I have dramamine ready to take in a bit here.

I land at Logan in Boston at 4:50 am EST & I'm not sure if that includes the time change. Hopefully my cell will have the correct time in Boston. (I hate traveling over a time-change weekend.)

I had trouble keeping my main bag under 50 lbs & thought they were going to charge me more for the guitar. I ended up having to carry-on my camera & CD's so that I could bring some for the folks that would like one. I'm sure I don't have enough.

Guess I'd better take some dramamine.

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