L1® Compact - what do I need to add more sound (louder)


I am very new to all this and this forum, it fact I only doing this on my daughters behalf. She has just started gigging and she's has the following setup , Shure SM58 mic , T1 tone match and two l1 compacts and an ipad for backing tracks.

We are really delighted with the L1 compacts and we are still working out the T1 settings but are a bit concerned that  they will not be loud enough for larger gigs.

We have had no complaints at the moment with social club gigs around 100 people including dancing.

Here music style for these sorts of gigs has to range from the 60's to some modern POP, all foot tapping stuff with the odd slow number.

The question I have , if we need more sound (louder) what would people recommend adding to her setup.

Should we purchase a L1 system or an F1 and if so should we ditch the compacts or use with the compacts.



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hey Craig...welcome to it..and sounds like you're a great Dad..supporting your young artist.  i guess it depends on the tracks she's playing over and how much "dance level" type stuff she's trying to cover. My initial guess , based on the info you've provided, is that maybe adding a small sub..ie something like the EV12" active sub...would help with the bottom thump within dance floor distance, and that would also reduce the load on the L1C so that you could actually work them a bit harder in the mid range.

but really, if you've got 2 of the L1c.. I'd not fret about coverage for her personal rig.. I'd go ahead and try various gigs...and when you finally find that "limit"  you'll know to simply tell the venue that they need to provide house audio etc..and she can use her Bose as her personal monitors at that point...keep her rig small, lightweight, all the things that we love about the compacts.  I've been working the L1c units for outdoor wedding work..guitar, vocals, keyboard, string quartets, etc...and of course precorded music..what I've found is what all audio guys know...outdoors simply requires more low end capabaility...but from a coverage standpoint I have been more than amazed at how the compacts throw..even with 100-200 bodies out there abosrbing the sound... indoors of course you're competing with people talking loudly over each other..and it's amazing what the human voice is capable of in some people (grin).

Thanks Carolina, I will check the ev12 out, but also thanks for the feedback, its bad enough that she has to worry about here performance, the last thing I what to do is add more pressure on her by worrying about her PA kit. We want her to be confident that its all working well and your feedback is very much appreciated. I am old engineer that knows nothing about music.

At the movement I am the roadie, but the plan is  for her to eventually set up her self, hence the l1 compacts and keeping her kit portable. 

exactly...for a young lady, or for an old guy like me (61yrs old)..the Bose make it possible to get great sound, fantastic coverage but keep the load-in so light and easy.  one of my daughters (she's 35)  is a DJ..gets ton of work...when she started out, I made some of my small PA available to her..now, small for us was mackie 450s tops and mackie 15 subs...perfect for wedding DJ work..never worry about having enough system..but for her by herself, that was way too much weight to load...so she was having to pay help or risk turning down some jobs.    We are currently auditioning various compact subs in those 12" marketing offerings..honestly she hasn't quite settled on one yet...but soon as she is happy with a pair of subs that can produce but be lightweight..then she's definitely ready to make the switch ful time to the bose units... I've seen other DJs come in with QSC etc and just crank the crud out of them to where they really don't sound that good, and many of the guests are ready to find the door...  my daughter has learned and had many compliments that quality sound doesn't have to be crushingly loud....proud of ya Pop..you're not only enabling your young lady, but you're creating great memories of you standing beside her in this adventure.. love hearing this stuff!



If i purchase say a ev 12" sub what is the best way to connect a sub  to the l1c's. At the moment mic is connected ch1 on T1 , iPad ch4/5 on T1 , T1 master out to first l1c ch2 and then aux out to ch2 on the second l1c. Would I then use the aux out on the second l1c to connect to the sub, or do I do to the sub first from the T1.



sorry, I don't have/use the tone control module so there may be a great solution with that.  coming out of any of our standard analog mixersthere are a number of options..one thats an easy thing to commit one of the aux sends to the sub..that way you can crank the aux on your tracks channel for plenty of sub, but no need to do that on her vocal channel or guitar.

Nice to see parents supporting their kids dreams....so cool. 

I have all the gear everyone here is talking about and have used it all in lots of different venues. 

The compacts by themselves do not have enough low end for a gig with more than a few people (in my opinion).

If you are going to be buying additional gear like the EV or some other sub, you might as well upgrade to an L1 Type II. I use the B2 subs but could use my B1's in a small number of situations. I actually have two L1 Type IIs and use both when I do larger festivals. Even places that provide their own sound systems, I have in my contract that I use my own sound system. I can't tell you how many people tell me my system sound better than the bigger systems. (*I am talking about local sound companies, not the big boys...)

My recommendation is to sell the compacts buy an L1 Type II, get a B2 Bass cab and use your tone match mixer. Don't look back it will be the best investment in sound you will ever make. 



I like the feedback , but I have just spent £1800.00 on two l1c and t1 tonematch. Money does not grow on trees in Scotland although my 18 year old daughter things so😁😁

I really what to make the right move, hence the question, I take it that pa kit is an ever moving circle in that you never have the right gear. I am thinking  about buying the big l1 and keeping the l1c for smaller venues ...thoughts

Hi Craig,

The L1® Model II with T1® and B2 is your no regrets system. You won't find live performers here looking for ways to make it louder. By the time your daughter outgrows the L1® Model II, she should be performing in venues that have their own sound systems.

The Model II comes apart like the L1® Compact and the weights are approximately:

  • 16 pounds for each section of the Cylindrical Radiator®  
  • 25 pounds for the power stand (same as the L1 Compact)
  • 25 pounds for each B1 (bass modules), you can have up to, two
    40 pounds for a B2 bass module

Image result for l1 model II with B2

It's easy to move around, set-up, tear-down, and store.

You will use the L1 Compact for your small shows (up 100 attentive or 40-50 noisy people). Above that you'll take the L1® Model II.


You can use the L1® Model II for everything (there's no such thing as overkill because you can always turn it down).

But,  I'd keep the L1® Compact for the small shows and as a backup. Pros always have a backup plan.

Does that help?


Hi Craig,

Craig posted:

ST,, so one l1 with b2 and ditch the L1® Compact l1c and use only for small gigs gifts.

That's what I do. You can use the T1® with both. Oh, and remember that balanced cable you ordered? You should be using that for the connection from the T1® to the L1® Compact anyway.  

There's a ToneMatch cable that came in the bottom of the box with the T1®. You will use that to connect to the L1® Model II.


I agree with ST. Not only is it the smartest long term solution....the sound is unbelievable. One thing to really understand is that Dr. Bose was a genius and where this system shines is outdoors. Typical sound systems really suffer outdoors. No acoustic environment. But Bose systems create their own and therefore sound just as amazing outdoors as indoors. I realize its a bit more money....but I would pay three times as much as they cost to get this sound and my audiences ALL AGREE.

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