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I'm looking at purchasing the l1 compact. I play in a ukulele band where we have two ukes one uke bass and sometimes a Cajon player. Audiences of typically 40-80 people in small pubs and occasional larger venues. Would this system meet my requirements and can an external mixer be used as we would like to put our vocals and instruments through the compact..

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Hi Dippy27,

Thank you for joining the Bose Portable PA Community.

Please tell us a little more about your ukulele band.

Do the ukuleles and uke bass have pickups in them?

How many vocal microphones will you have?

You mentioned, "Audiences of typically 40-80 people in small pubs and occasional larger venues". How much larger are the occasional larger venues? 

Yes, you can use an external mixer with the L1® Compact.

At 80 people in a pub, you are nearing the limit for an L1® Compact. You might be better served with the L1® Model 1S.

Please give us the information requested above and I can give you a better answer.



Hi Dippy27,

Thanks for the added information.

The L1® Compact might be a great choice for you. I've used in settings outdoors (it carries very well outdoors), and in enclosed spaces with hundreds of people. I've also used it in a venue I know well where they host Ukulele Night every Monday. There are up to 60 people who get together to play their ukuleles and sing along. There's a house system, and the singalong leaders use that. But I've used my L1® Compact in the same club with similar background noise, and it's all been fine.

How well an L1® Compact will work for you will depend on the background noise wherever you plan.

In a noisy pub setting, with 100 boisterous people you would be better served with an L1® Model 1S. You'll have better gain-before-feedback.

Having said all that, I suggest you try an L1® Compact. Check with a Bose-Authorized dealer to see what the return policy is and see if you can return it if it doesn't work out for you.

Does that help?


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