I run two Bose L1 Compacts at my acoustic gigs (PA-1 and PA-2, for our purposes).  I recently ran into an issue with PA-2.

I was at a gig recently and started getting a crackling/frying pan sound in one of my Bose L1 Compacts in the removable speaker.  Almost sounded like a blown speaker rattles.    I turned off the unit and finished my gig on the other L1 Compact.  Then, I went to a gig this weekend and the high-end was completely out in one of my Compacts, no audio whatsoever from PA-2's removable speaker , however, the bass/low-end was still working.

Setup: 2 Bose L1 Compacts, with 1/4" cable coming out from PA-1 into the guitar input of PA-2.  (PA-2 is the one with the lost high-end).

PA-1 - 1/4" guitar input (coming from a Boss tuner pedal) and 1 XLR input (direct from mic), line-out from back of PA-1 to PA-2.  PA-1 is working as normal

PA-2 - 1/4" guitar input from line-out of PA-1.  PA-2 was exhibiting no audio at all from the removable speaker, only audio was the low end in the bottom/bass module.

Troubleshooting performed:  Removed the removable speaker from PA-2 (which had no audio) and plugged it into PA-1 and it was working as expected (full audio).  Removed the removable speaker from PA-1 (which was working normally) and into PA-2 and no audio is coming out at all, other than the low end in the bass module.  That tells me it isn't the removable speaker that is the problem, it is something in the main unit.

I also swapped the cables, plugging the guitar/xlr into PA-2 and running line-out from it to PA-1.  There was no change in the behavior.  In this scenario, PA-2 still has no audio at all coming from the removable speaker.

My thoughts are something went bad in the main unit/bass module.  Anyone else run into this?

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Hi guitars247,

Thank you for joining the Bose Portable PA Community.   I'm sorry you're getting no sound from the speaker array in your second L1® Compact.

You've done some excellent trouble shooting. Did I miss it - did you try with and without the extensions (tower sections)?

If you get the same results with and without the extensions, then the power stand will have to be serviced.

Please call Bose Support, and they will help you.

Bose® Product & Technical Support at (877) 335-2673
(U.S. and Canada only)
Monday-Friday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM ET


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