L1 classic Vs L1 Model 1

One more thought.,.. think of your system like you do any instrument or vocal.... Soft.....timbral tones vs distorted overdriven tones. If everything put thru system was soft and timbral, any amount of power could handle it with ease... But raise the bar and the over driven system becomes harsh and brittle.

It's quite interesting to see that this thread which started 10 years ago next month is still a cause for discussion with people apparently still interested in buying a Classic.

The only thing that I can really say about this nowadays is that no matter which system sounds better or louder in direct comparison, the only one which sounds good after a defect appears is the one which can still be repaired and as far as I know Bose do not support the repair of Classic and Model I systems any more. Please correct me if I'm wrong here.

So if you're contemplating buying used Classic/Model I systems just take this fact into account.


M ellis posted:

Not sure about no longer supporting the platform, I have however read some ads as recent as yesterday on eBay, stating the units for sale had just been refurbished by Bose.... Certainly hope Bose supports their products for years to come.  

Here is a link to just one thread covering this topic. Maybe it will be of interest.


I also only stated that it's only particular models (Classic + Model I) which are no longer supported. I'm not saying don't buy them used. I'm only saying that repairing them could become problematical. Maybe that's not a big issue for you. For me it is why I bought a Model II rather than a much cheaper used Classic or Model I. When it all boils down to it we make our decisions and have to live with them. There are Classics and Model I's out there which have been giving faithful service for years and may do so for many years to come. I've only pointed out the repair status from the Bose side of things.


A though:
The classic has all the elements facing straight forward. And the model II have them angled. Could it be therefore it feels/sounds louder in front?

I have owned classic, model I, 1S, and model II.
As I recall, I did actually noticed that the classic had more "power". And more straightforward sounding. But the model II have better spread sideways. The foot on the classic was a I pain in the .. to carry, and thats why I sold it.

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