L1 Model II

Let's talk about the L1® Portable Line Array Systems

Using proprietary Bose® technology, L1 systems combine  PA and monitors into a single, highly portable unit. The  loudspeaker can be positioned behind or to the side —and you hear what the audience hears.

Highly portable PA and monitor combined for solo performers, DJs and general-purpose use. Fixed vertical control with 180° horizontal coverage Reduced vulnerability to feedback.

Three systems to choose from (Compact, Model 1S, Model II)
Two passive bass module options (B1 or B2)
Consistent coverage and tonal balance, portability and easy setup.

Hello Everyone,

We wrote this before we introduced our new approach to live music amplification. These words appear on many of the cartons in the L1 family of products.

We thought it would be good to repeat these words here.


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This is an example of some of the old "Gems" which are turning up since the introduction of the new forum software.

The words are as true now as they were then. Here's an example.

My wife had a birthday party in January and I set up the Compact+T1 so that I could play easily for our guests and be heard anywhere in our living room which is L-shaped and about 50m2. Due to illnesses and bad weather forecast (snow) the party wasn't too big an affair and I could have played without amplification. I did so any way so that people could talk if they wanted. They all just listened, kept asking for more, and said that it sounded excellent. Just like unplugged only a touch louder (I didn't turn it up very much). I must have played for well over 2 hours. It was an intimate performance although it was amplified. Due to the lack of high sound pressures, the L1's are very easy on the ears and don't "tire" them as do "normal" loudspeakers. Thanks Ken and the rest of the R+D team for the L1 experience.



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