Hi Larry,

You can use a cable like one of the ones below to go from the headphone output to two channels on the T8S.

Depending on the size of the headphone output jack

Hosa Cable STP201 TRS To Dual 1/4 Inch Insert Cable - 3 Feet 3 Inches




You can use any two of channels 1 through 8 if you want to use ToneMatch Presets, zEQ, or ParaEQ  ,or effects or reverb and physical volume knobs.

You can use Aux Inputs 9/10 if you don't need signal processing or physical volume knobs.

Here are some notes about the Aux Inputs.

T8S Aux Inputs

Does that help?


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Thanks! I do have a number of questions. If I use two regular channels, does that mean I will have stereo and do I need to pan? In this scenario, how would I do the cocktail effect for the keyboard?  Is there a way to sum those two TS inserts into a single channel as mono?  I am running a whole band and need all the channels I can get.

If I plug the two TS plugs into 8 and 9, does it end up being stereo? Do I need to pan those channels? Is there a way to have a mono signal through 8/9 in this scenario? As far as volume control, would I have to use the keyboard volume control? 

Finally, if I use two of the first 8 channels for the keyboard, I would have to use 8/9 for an instrument. For example how would I use 8/9 for bass and do cocktail effect? Is one of those channels mono?

Hi Larry,

Before we get to your questions, I have a few for you.

What kind of powered loudspeakers are you connecting to the T8S? 

How many are there?

What inputs will you have? For example:

Channel 1: Vocal Microphone

Channel 2: Vocal Microphone

Channel 3: Electric Guitar




I am using two L1 model 2s for the full band. In some situations we can only use one L1. I do have access to a T1 mixer as well. Also, the headphone output of the keyboard is not line level. Will that cause a problem?

CH 1: vocal mic
CH 2: Acoustic Guitar
CH 3: Vocal Mic
CH 4 Acoustic Guitar
Ch 5: Vocal Mic (percussionist)
Ch 6: Cajon 1
CH 7: Congas
Ch 8: Bass
Ch 9/10: Electric guitar through amp emulator to CH: 9 of the mixer.

Thanks again!

Hi Larry,

Thanks for the added information.

The Cocktail Party Effect is so named after our ability to pick out individual voices in a crowd in unamplified situations. 

Please follow this link for more information: Cocktail Party Effect 

To reproduce this effect on stage and for the audience, you need multiple loudspeakers (L1 systems, for example).  If you have all the sound coming through one L1, you cannot produce the cocktail party effect.

With two L1 systems and the T8S, you can get some of the benefits of the Cocktail Party Effect, and it's preferable to follow these guidelines.

  • Connect the T8S Left Output to one L1 system
  • Connect the T8S Right Output to the other L1 system
  • Put the L1 systems behind the performers,
    • About one-quarter the width in from each side.
    • Each L1 is behind half of the performers
  • Pan each sound source (microphone or instrument) hard to one side so
    • The sound is heard through only one L1
    • The sound is heard through the closest L1
    • To the audience, the sound seems to be coming from the sound source at its position on the stage
  • Each performer (vocalist plus instrument)
    • Vocal microphone and instrument are heard through the same L1
  • Stereo instruments like you keyboard left and right outputs can be panned hard left and right, so the sound comes from both L1 systems - however, this blurs the cocktail party effect because it breaks the tie-in between what the audience sees and hears.

In your situation, I would

  • Separate all sound sources that are similar. Examples.
    • One vocalist heard from the left L1
    • The other vocalist heard from the right L1
    • One guitar heard from the left L1
    • The other guitar heard from the right L1
    • If there is a lead vocalist, pan the sound of that microphone to one L1 and pan the sound of the electric guitar to the other L1

Try it out and please tell us what you hear.



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