I was telling a buddy about my great experience playing a Mesa Boogie Lonestar 30 1x12 combo amp over the weekend. He's a drummer but he knows that amp and really likes it.

The fellow who owns it saw how much I liked it and offered to sell it to me at a great price. Why? Because both he are the amp are 65 (amp in pounds, he in years) and although he loves the sound, he hates moving it around. A few years ago I might have snapped up that amp in a heartbeat.  But as I told my buddy the drummer, I came home and did this.

Mesa Lonestar 30 to Kemper

It took me just a few minutes using the Kemper Rig Manager software to find several Kemper Profiles for the

Mesa Boogie Lonestar 30 1x12 combo amp

Lonestar 30 1x12

Within seconds after that I found one I really liked in the Kemper Rig Manager software.

Kemper Rig Manager Lonestar 30

There are now over 11,000 free profiles available in the online Rig Exchange. When I click on one, it instantly loads into my Kemper and I can play through it.

I tweaked it a bit (under 5 minutes), using the physical buttons and knobs on the Kemper Profiling Amp 

and then my Kemper plus L1 Model II sounded and felt just like the original amp.  Total time to bring this home - maybe ten minutes. And it cost nothing to add this to my collection of guitar amps. Now I can play it anytime I like with the Kemper plus S1 Pro, L1 Compact, or L1 Model II, with or without a ToneMatch mixer.

To put that in perspective, the Kemper including the foot controller, costs within pennies of the Mesa Lonestar 30. But I have thousands of amps available in the Kemper. Right now, I use about a dozen of them, but to own those amps would have cost me at least eight times the cost of the Kemper.

Even if you factor in the cost of the L1 Model II, the Kemper + L1 is still less than a quarter of what it would have cost me to own those dozen amps.

I can use the Kemper + the L1 Model II, or the L1 Compact, or the S1 Pro for any size gig.  The Kemper by itself weighs just 12 pounds.

In case you're wondering, if had the actual Lonestar amp here, I could have created a profile for it in under 5 minutes. I was lucky because other Kemper owners had profiled their Lonestar amps so I didn't need create a new profile.

The core message here is the Kemper sounds terrific with the Bose Portable PA gear and I don't have to haul guitar amps to gigs anymore.


PS - here are some more discussions about the Kemper Profiling Amp and Bose Portable PA Equipment.

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Man, ST, that’s very cool. These amp profilers have come a long way and make things so much more portable and, hence, usable/practical.

I still have my 68 Fender Twin Reverb I usedback in high school and I’ll never get rid of it. However, I rarely gig with it anymore due to its size and weight. It’s still a great amp for use in home jams. 

Thanks for all that info. 

As far as I know, Kemper uses L1's whenever possible for demoing their gear. It speaks for the L1.

As a guitar rig which doesn't break your back carrying it, a Kemper teamed up with a Compact is a pretty awesome set-up. With a Model II I think it's mind-blowing.


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