Is the PS1 Bag washable?

Here's a hard one for the pros.

One of these days I'll remember to make a big sign


I was busy packing every conceivable mic, cable, acoustic preamp, etc. for a thing I did last night and I forgot to do a sign.

It was an open stage for a huge party of musicians. A great night and lots of folks got to hear and play the System for the first time, but there were a few casualties. I got off light.

At the end of the night one of the PS1 bags was soaked sitting in a puddle of beer.

Can I throw it in the washer?

Should I hose it down and let it dry in the sun?

Burn it? (my first thought).
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Hi Alan,

Please pass on "Thanks" to Mary Anne for the advice. By the time I read your post, the PS1 bag was already in my oversized washer, swirling around in mild soap and cold water.

It emerged from the washer unscathed and after letting it thoroughly dry ( a couple of days ) draped over a door, it was none the worse for the experience. Well, it did have a wedgie where the foam inside had twisted and bunched in the area of the base of the bag near the top centre (closest to the 'handle') when zipped up. A little bit of jiggling got that straightened out.

So Mike!, there's another answer.

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