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Is F1 Sub really necessary for my venue

The dimension of my venue (L x W x H) is 60 x 23 x 11 feet, and that of the stage (L x W) is 11 x 23 feet for Live Band House of Worship (acoustic guitar, electric bass, acoustic drums, keyboard, 4 vocals). Recently, I checked with vendor about F1 812 implementation, they recommended us to add F1 812 top without sub. Therefore, I doubted if F1 812 sub is really important in my venue for live band application. Does F1 812 top without sub enable to deliver deep enough bass? Do you have any comment?  

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As the house band has bass, keyboards and drums, I would personally recommend a full range system which incorporates the subs. As you also have four vocals and an acoustic, you are looking for a system that can handle a wide range of frequencies as you have a band that needs a lot of headroom to deliver clarity as well as power.

I feel you will be asking a lot of the tops alone to deliver the bass end you need without boosting the bass at the mixer which will potentially overstretch the tops and/or muddy the mid-range.

We use a full range system, even though we don’t use any bass instruments, purely to get added depth to piano and bodhran. It makes a huge difference.


@KT The instruments that benefit the most from the sub are drums, bass guitar, and keyboard. At this point you're not planning to mic the drums, and if the bass guitar is playing through an amp, you will probably be okay, as per your vendor.  If bass guitar is only through the system, then you decide you want a subwoofer, or you could use a bass amplifier and add his direct signal.  The good news is that you can try it without and add easily add a sub if you find it necessary.  I've spoken before about your unknown variables. The 812s are full range speakers with a respectable low-end.  This would give you the economic advantage of not committing to the purchase of a subwoofer until you hear the 812s in your space.  Since you're still in construction, it's relatively inexpensive to run wiring for a powered subwoofer, so that's something you could do to give you flexibility should your needs change over time.   


My opinion on this is, it depends.  The 812s do an amazing job on handling the low end with the eq in full range mode.   Very impressive.  I own a pair of the subs as well but I’ve done gigs and just left the subs at home for smaller venues or quieter gigs.  I also use only the 812s for rehearsal.

It’s hard to sort of visualize the size of a room just from dimensions but my guess is that you could get away with a pair of 812s in a room that size.  It’s nice to have the extra bit of headroom that the subs add.  But if you find you need it you can build on that down the road.

I should probably mention my band set up so you know what i’m tasking the system with.  We are 4 piece, 2 guitars direct from guitar processors, no amps.  No amp for bass guitar either,  again direct, and Roland V Drums direct into the PA as well and of course vocals.

Do the subs add more low end? Of course, I’m just saying that the 812s alone do a great job and for me, if I’m doing a smaller or quieter venue I want to do less lifting.

In fact if Bose ever makes an 812 type speaker which is a little bigger, that’s a bit more powerful and adds a bit more low end... I’m in.  That is if they can keep it semi light.





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