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I have a L1 model 2 with B2 and T1. This problem is not giving me any  cause for concern but I am curious if Bose are aware and is there any known cure? Probably 1 in 10 times I switch the power stand on the light lights up and the tone match works but the amp does not fire up. The T1 shows level from inputs but no sound from the speakers. Turning the unit's off, waiting 10 seconds then switching back on, the power stand spring into life after about 5 seconds, then every thing is fine.  




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Garry, you are the first to let me know I'm not the only one this happens to on rare occasions...but it does happen.  Just a reboot always does the trick.  I use other effects, etc, and always wonder if my order of firing them up had anything to do with it.  It has never failed to re-power up and be fine...but it's done it for several years now.  Rare is the proper word because it happens maybe 1 out of some 10-20 times.   If you pursue this with Bose and receive a solution or explanation, I sure would like to hear of it. 

   Best of luck with yours.....I know I sure have lots of luck with mine!    Tom

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