Hey gang,

I want to give the community an early notice. We are going to be offering "Deluxe Bags" as a gift with purchase starting August first.

Here’s the skinny, for folks who buy a system between 8/1 and 8/31 the Deluxe Bags will be a gift from Bose. The bags PS1 bag features wheels and a handle, the L1 has a shoulder strap and the B1 bag is a “full wrap” bag. There is also a really nice back pack that we’ve designed just for musicians. We’ve had great response from those who have seen the bags behind closed doors so share the news.

For those of us with systems already, the bags will be offered on bose.com in the early part of the month (available to purchase) and at other locations in September. They will be sold for $199.99 for the PS1/L1/Back Pack kit and $74.99 for the B1 bag.


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Thanks for adding the picture... they look great!

It looks like the PS1 bag has 2 pockets with zippers that can be used to place the bottom part of the L1 units in, then hold them in place with the strap and clip... Is that correct? Haul everything in one trip? Now I am very interested! Smile

Steve Z
These look great - congratulations to the designers.

Hope the white doesn't show scuffs and dirt that are an inevitable part of moving gear.

It looks like there are "saddle bags" on the L1 bags. Intended use?

Will the backpack be available separately?
Thanks guys,

More info:

The photo doesn't show it very well, but the bags are black and tan, a very light tan. They certainly will show some dirt over time, but they should clean up easliy. We couldn't resist the black/tan. It looks great IMO.

The PS1 bag: Yes, Steve Z you figured out the buckles on the PS1 (that was quick). I've got to warn folks though, the fit is *VERY* tight by design. Inserting the L1 bags in the panel pocket requires a fiar amount of fiddling. There are along list of reasons why we didn't make it loose (the major being if it's loose things get sloppy as you're wheeling the PS1 around with the L1's in place) so if you give this a try be warned ... it's a tight fit -- but it works.

We're not calling this a "feature" of the bag because candidly I don't think it meets the standards of quality and excellence you've come to expect from Bose. You can do it, but I'm warning you, it's not "beautiful". Once you get the L1's in the pockets, slip the buckle through the handle on the L1 bag and away you go.

I'm also worried about the handle on the PS1 bending and the "tippy-ness" of the PS1 when the L1's are in there. The handle is tough enough, but it may bend if you, for example, pull the system down a set of stairs with the L1's in the PS1 bag.

If you use this option, PLEASE use good judgement and don't let the bag sit unattended. It balances but it's tippy. And treat the handle well, especially when fully extended.

The L1 bag has two "saddle bags" down each side, great for cables, and we've made the bag longer so inserting the L1 is very easy. Each L1 bag comes with a shoulder strap that connects to the "D" ring on each end of the bag. And you can use the buckles to connect the two L1's together and use one shoulder strap for two L1's (but it's heavy at 30lbs or so). Or use the buckles to attach a mic stand (folding legs kind).

The B1 bag now goes all the way around (the best way to put the B1 in the bag is an "over the top and pull it down" with the bag versus "put this heavy square object into a flexible bag sitting on the floor". It has two "D" ring attachment points, but I doubt anyone will use a shoulder strap with it (it does not come with one). The B1 is not a fun thing to sling over your shoulder.

And the Back Pack is really nice. The firm that did the pack does work for surf/skate companies, and the big sneaker companies, and we said "make it top of the line" and it, IMO is really nice.

This bag promotion is a limited time thing and "rich" by promotional standards, but we just could not resist the temptation of offering them with a purchase. They are really great (Note: that's from the guy who lead the development team).

If I can answer any other questions send them here.
The bags look great but I think the price is way too high for them. Sorry but I think it's unfair to offer them to people just buying them in August for free and make other's pay the big price. I just bought my system on July 28th so I was only a few days away from getting them for free! Not cool! Bose customer service seems to be cool but I had two things missing when I got my system this week. 1 was a cable for Bass Module, 2nd was no bag for the Bass Module. Bose already has 2 strikes against them in my book. So making me pay such a high price for the new bags is the 3rd? Wow! I love my system so far but have not used it in a concert.

the new bags look and sound like they should work great , I just ordered my outfit( L1 and B1) and recieved it a few days ago, guess I should have waited a few day's and $300 seems like a little much ( for me anyway) to upgrade bags, ,, oh well progress is good, I would have waited a week to order if I would have know this though.
Hi Steve,

Will the backpack be available separately?

Can you tell us if there are any Personalized Amplification System (tm) specific organizational features inside the backpack?
(I'm thinking pockets specfically for remotes, remote cables, fuses)
Originally posted by crv:
The bags look great but I think the price is way too high for them. Sorry but I think it's unfair to offer them to people just buying them in August for free and make other's pay the big price. I just bought my system on July 28th so I was only a few days away from getting them for free! Not cool! Bose customer service seems to be cool but I had two things missing when I got my system this week. 1 was a cable for Bass Module, 2nd was no bag for the Bass Module. Bose already has 2 strikes against them in my book. So making me pay such a high price for the new bags is the 3rd? Wow! I love my system so far but have not used it in a concert.


We're sure sorry you didn't get all the parts with your system. Without shifting blame Big Grin, I just wanted to note that we do not completely control what happens at our dealers. We sure try though! We are actively working to prevent experiences like what you had from happening. Expect things at GC to be better very soon.

So, with that said, please allow us to take "a ball" this next issue without striking out. We're dedicated to making you a believer in the company, product, and our service to you. YGAPM (You Got a Private Message).


There are pockets a plenty in one of the two "top load" areas and the side pockets fit mics and a remote quite nicely. There's pocket for a Mag light size flash light in there and a clear pocket for picks and other small, need to see it, stuff.

As far as promotions go it is impossible to offer a promotion and not have someone buy the day before it was announced (it officially starts today). Therefore we will allow for some folks that purchased near the start date to take advantage of the offer. How do you do that?

You'll need to call 877-335-2673 on Monday and ask them if you can take advantage of the offer. The will need your serial number from your PS1(s) and B1(s), a copy of your receipt and your mailing address info.

It will take 4~6 weeks for us to get the bags out to you so be prepared to wait a little while (sorry).

I already use a hand truck for transport, & my experience with other bags with built-in wheels hasn't been very good. They tend to wobble too much when rolling, & the sleeves that the handle slides into make a mess of the back of the bag unless there is a lot of structure added to the back of the bag. This structure adds to the thickness & makes stacking difficult with multiple bags. Just my two cents. I'm in the process of picking up two more systems to add to my original double-bass system.
First let me say that I love my PAS and the rest of my band feels the same. Also, Bose has some great customer service and people who truly have a passion for the products they sell and support as evident by this message board.

Having said that, I want to issue a small gripe about the “deluxe” bag set. I’m sure that giving these bags away for a limited time with the purchase of a PAS is a great marketing technique to boost sales, but it stinks for those of us who are “veteran” owners of the PAS. In a way this reminds me of what the cellular phone companies have done for quite some time. Long time customers who want to upgrade to a new phone with improved features have to pay full price while new customers get the same phone at a discount price or free of charge.

Don’t get me wrong. I think it is a brilliant sales strategy and I don’t blame Bose for taking advantage of it. However, I think a price of $200 is too expensive. My band mates and I have purchased five PAS systems (2 – L1/B2 and 3 – L1/B1) and have already spent well over ten grand. To purchase “deluxe” bags for all of our components would mean spending an additional $1,149.93. No thanks Bose. I’ll stick with the bags that came with the units. And why give away both the standard bags and the “deluxe” bags? Seems awfully wasteful to me.

I know there are a lot of veteran (yes, I know it is a strange use of the term given that the PAS has been available for less than a year) PAS users like us that have spent countless hours tweaking and fine tuning the systems to suit their style or taste. Many of us have also been innovative and improvised in order to get the most out of the PAS for any given situation and happily shared this information with those that have yet to purchase a system. Hopefully these PAS “rookies” will not flaunt their free “deluxe” bags to those of us who “dug the trenches”.

Okay, I think I’m finished venting. Fortunately it is a free country and we have freedom of choice. The “deluxe” bags certainly look functional and appealing and I’m sure that those who receive them at no cost and those who choose to purchase them will thoroughly enjoy them. I would love to have a “deluxe” set, but I choose not to buy them and I imagine some or a lot of the other PAS owners will do the same.

Hi Steve:

The bags look great and I would love to get them but I have already spent a lot of money on the system since I had to upgrade to a second B1 cabinet and all. I guess the bags I have will have to do. Are we previous owners also going to have to pay for the B1 bags. I was told at the Guitar center where I bought mine that they would probably be included. If not, then I will be disappointed. I was one of the early buyers of this system, in December. My excitement about the product actually sold two other systems for you and a third is about to be purchased. I love the system but I'm not overly happy about this particular situation.

I will tell you right now, I THINK THIS SUCKS!!! I got my system (was the first one to buy here in Cincinnati) back last Sept. Love the system and would not think of any other for acoustic guitar. Now Im finding out the some SMUCK that is going to buy his system now is going to get this deluxe bags and I am stuck with the old ones!!! Bose you bl** on this one. BAD MARKETING!!!! You just pi**ed off a bunch of old and loyal people!!! Im not going to pay money for the other bags!!!!

[I added the ** to clean up the message a bit]
Hey gang,

We hear you on the Deluxe Bag offer. Please understand that we stewed over whether or not to offer this due to the reaction that is coming through from our existing customers. It was not an easy decision.

We are really stoked about offering the deluxe bags and decided that it would be a fantastic offer. The unfortunate thing is that we cannot offer free bags to the thousands of existing owners.

I understand the dissapointment, I can relate. If I were to work with our team here on a program where we sell the bags to owners at a reduced price in the month of August would there be takers? Please reply here, not via PM.

Gibson Dove, I can empathize with your dissapointment (anger). Please keep it respectful.
First of all, how much discount are "veteran" owners going to get? Why not keep the discount "open" for those of us who already have the system [original registered owners], so that we can take advantage down the line when we can afford to upgrade? Seems like the least Bose could do for those of us who have already taken the plunge. I love the system, but if I were a dishonest man, I could return mine [90 days almost up] and order a new PAS and get the new bags. Can't do it, but I'm sure there are some who will.
Hey Steve,

YES, I would consider buying the new bags if the price was not so steep. (I understand your dilemma with the offer, etc, AND I respect very much your convictions to "do what's right" to produce the best product you can.)

I also wish you would consider an option to make each component priced individually as well as by the set. For example, I have another solution for my L1's and don't really need those deluxe bags.

Thanks, Mike
Sure, I would certianly be interested in taking advantage of this offer. Would it be available through dealers (especially here in Long & McQuade country) or would I have to go through shipping, duty, etc that would be involved in shipping across the border?

Thanks from Ivan

Those are great looking bags. I just bought the PAS on 7/28/04. I wish I would have known about the bag offer. I would have waited a couple of days. How about having a grandfather clause for those of us who purchased a system just a couple of days before 8/1. By the way I love the PAS. I play a Taylor W14CE with a L R Baggs it sounds great. Thanks for a great system. Let me know about the bags.

Doug Wadsworth
Hey Bose guys,
Great forum site I've learned alot reading through it.
I tried out the PAS a couple weeks ago at Long & Mcquade in Oshawa and it was awesome. Seriously looking at a purchase in the next couple weeks. My question for me is the promo bag offer for the system available to your Canadian customers?
Hey, cool bags...some nice features...hmm...let's see, they cost...

(*cough* *splutter* <coffee sprays all over keyboard>Wink


Let me pull out my sewing machine...for $275 I'll make them myself!

I'd rather spend the money on an extra B1. At least that DOES something.

Just my $0.02.
just my opinion. i realize in reality it would be impossible for bose to supply free deluxe bags to all whom have already purchased the ststem. i've been reading the posts, but not sure what the deal is.
In my opinion, if it is an extra cost to those buying the system now, it would seem fair. however, if they are being offered at no extra cost to new buyers as a marketing attempt to get more pas buyers, i too think this would be wrong.
if it is an option for a new buyer, and they have to pay extra for the new bags, i do believe it would be at least a generous offer, and a thankyou to the first initial vets that got this off the ground, to offer a decent discount on the bags,
at this point, sound is more important to me than the bags. however, this does raise questions as when i was deciding to buy the system, about how changes maybe to the system itself may affect us vets.
i would think it fair with in a resonable time, say at least one year (date of purchase), or if generous two, that any updates to the system itself (software, or any significant changes that could be used with our pas systems) be offered free, or at least at a significant discount for the initial buyers.
no new changes should ever be offered as free as incentive to a new buyer, and have a vet from his purcahse date ( 1 to 2 years) have to pay extra. with maybe the exception of a quantity discount.
would i ever stop using the bose because of all this? of course not. but i think its a fine line to walk in the marketing area.
for those whom have had the system less than a year, i believe they may feel they are being treated less than loyal customers.
as mentioned above i would feel more upset if this was something like software to play with the bose eq, and presets that i would be charged for, and a new buyer would be offered free.
i associate bose with sound, not designer bags. if they want to offer deluxe bags, fine. but perhaps find out what the market is for them first, and what people are willing to pay. then see if it's worth the production.
seems kinda like buyin a car. if ya buy a car and want a cd player, it's extra. but if ya bought cars from the same guy all the time, he'd probably throw it in for free.
so whatever the deal is, bottom line is it should be extra for someone bying now i'd think. and if generous, offer the vets a discount within a grace period from their date of purchase. just some thoughts from this end..
So many questions, so many comments to make and info to cover ... sensory overload!! Can you tell it's past my bedtime, I'm a morning person.

First, if you've purchased a system from Bose and are within the trial period, please call 800-999-bose (2673) or 877-335-bose (2673) and tell them your situation. Please do not return the system just to get deluxe bags, we'll take care of you.

I'm actively working on something for the rest of y'all, that is long-standing customers and those who purchased from GC or MF (and L&M).

We got the message and we're working to see what we can do. Give us a little while to sort out all the "how to" on this.

For the record, Andy (aka, Ally X) your respectful and well thought out post took me over the edge and got the team fired up to do something for our fantastic customers. Thank you for your perspective.

And I must say I am pleasently surprised at how much everyone likes the bags. The optimist in me says "wow, they wouldn't be this fired up if they didn't dig the bags ... especially Gibson Dove. He really, really likes the bags!" Big Grin Eek Big Grin Razz Cool

Keep the comments coming gang. We're not perfect, but we're trying really hard to do it right.
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