Hi ScubaBadger,

I noticed your post in the T4S/T8S Feature Requests discussion.

You can do this now.

ScubaBadger posted:

Inputs 5&6 to be treated as left and right at the two digital output stage -

The Aux inputs 5/6 on the T4S and 9/10 on the T8S are routed directly to the Master Outputs.

Turn the Rotary Selector to PAN/AUX. Note: You can ignore the reference to Ch 1.

Turn the left most knob (Menu) to Aux In 5/6

To have treat the Aux In Channels as Left and Right, pan them hard Left and Right.

switchable to full mono (summed stereo) to each digital output.

To have them summed, pan them to the center.

Does that meet your requirement?



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