L1 Model II

Let's talk about the L1® Portable Line Array Systems

Using proprietary Bose® technology, L1 systems combine  PA and monitors into a single, highly portable unit. The  loudspeaker can be positioned behind or to the side —and you hear what the audience hears.

Highly portable PA and monitor combined for solo performers, DJs and general-purpose use. Fixed vertical control with 180° horizontal coverage Reduced vulnerability to feedback.

Three systems to choose from (Compact, Model 1S, Model II)
Two passive bass module options (B1 or B2)
Consistent coverage and tonal balance, portability and easy setup.

I would like to use my L1 Compact in outdoor venues where 120VAC is not available. I would like to use a "power pack" consisting of a battery and inverter. I know there are a variety of inverter circuits which can produce anything from a square wave to a pretty accurate sine wave. I wondered whether the converter in the L1 Compact cares about the quality of the input AC sine wave, so I posted this question in the Bose section here. The official answer is that only a pure sine wave is recommended. Can anyone recommend a power supply that they have used successfully with the L1 Compact?


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I use one of these to power a L1 Compact + small Line mixer, tested at 2-3 hours, retained around 70% charge. There are more powerful units available and also has option for solar panel.

Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station

Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station

Jackery Explorer 240 portable power station features a pure sine wave AC outlet and two USB output ports, it can offer stable operation for small appliances like Bluetooth speakers and laptops working off the grid. Keep working anywhere and stay charged via the sun.

  • Lithium power station: 240Wh battery capacity charges and re-charges devices.
  • Portable, compact and lightweight. At only 6.6 lbs. it travels well.
  • Provides reliable power for mainstream electronics, small appliances and more. Made for outdoor recreation, camping, and emergency preparedness.
  • Multiple powering options including two USB ports, AC outlet, and 12V car output. Optional 60W solar panel provides sustainable power resource anywhere.
  • Recharges three ways: AC wall outlet, 12V car outlet or via the optional 60W SolarSaga solar panel.
  • Info LCD display screen provides charge and discharge status and reports power use.
  • 2-Year Jackery Warranty.

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