Improved SKB case for L1!

I just got my second PAS (Yea! Now I have stereo and a better setup for my duet!) and I obviously now need another SKB Model 5009 “Double Rifle Case” to adapt for transporting the L1. I went back to Sports Authority (where I purchased my first case last February) and discovered that they have eliminated their entire “Hunting” department – no gun cases. Worried that I would not find the right case locally, I began to call around and found the SKB “Double Rifle Cases” at Bass Pro Shops for $169.99 plus tax. While the size and shape of the case is virtually identical to last year’s model, SKB has significantly improved the handle and latches; the handle is larger and strengthened, as are the latches. These cases, now identified as UPC# 0789270500907, feature new TSA-accepted and recognized locking latches that are made of unbreakable fiberglass-reinforced nylon. Needless to say, I bought it and will adapt it for the L1 this weekend. I still highly recommend this protective case!
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Even though the SKB "mini-catalog" attached to the case still identifies this case as Model # 2SKB-5009, the only description on the case itself is “Double Rifle Case” and the UPC # 0789270500907. It seems that the “5009” (in the model number and in the UPC) designates SKB’s dimensions for this particular case – 50” long, 9.5” wide, 6” deep. As a word of caution, SKB also makes other “Double Rifle” cases – 40” long, 52” long, and 50” long with a 16” width; one even has specially cutout foam for scoped rifles. So, be sure to get the “5009”.
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I don't think anybody has mentioned this so I'll add it to the wiki.

Nice, we have an official sku in the SKB catalog.


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Hardshell Cases

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I hadn't realized SKB started making cases for the Bose L1 I & II (power stand and columns) until I stumbled on it by accident. I went to this forum to inform the masses and found out you already knew. But what I didn't see was a case for the B1 units by SKB. It probably is not as important, as the B1 units are not as fragile, but I put a case on everything. Does anyone have an idea for a B1 case.

Cameron in Atlanta

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