How to minimize proximity effect?

I just bought PGX shure headworn vocal system for another musical project I'm it's not a britney spears tribute band.........................

Since the mic is about 2 inches from my mouth and a condensor, it has a proximity effect that makes it sound boomy.

I of course cut out some of the bass on the remote and it seemed to clean up.

I was just wondering if this is the best way to get rid of the proximity effect? Should I only be cutting the bass or some of the mids and highs as well.

I realize it's tottaly different mic, but I'd like to get it smooth and natural sounding like my Sennhiesrer 945e.........I would have bought the Sennhiser headset but it was about 150 more and didn't even come with a carrying case like the shure.
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Hi Ric,

Some microphone manufactures have tackled proximity effect by either including an EQ circuit within the microphone or by specific design of the capsule. If proximity effect reduction or elimination is not part of a microphone's design then the use of EQ control or microphone technique are basically the only options. I guess surgery to ones vocal cords could be considered as a third option as Dan Cornett has suggested in another tread Smile

Try different presets with the EQ flat. Once you find a preset you prefer then tweak the EQ. If plosives are an issue I recall reading in another thread that positioning the microphone against the lips helps tame the problem with headset microphones as well. Of course varying the distance between the microphone and the mouth will affect the tone.

Hope this helps

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Surgery? Heck no lol. I'm done going under the knife. Problem isn't with my voice. I guess you'd say it's a slight bass boost which makes the mic a bit boomy because of the closeness to the mic capsule which can't be helped.

I'm just so used to the transparancy of my 945e even when I'm right on top of it.

Thanks for the tip on the presets though. Since getting my 945e I've always gone flat and forgot all about them.

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