How much can a system be expected to handle?

Good afternoon community. A bit of background, my wife and I are a 60s 70s middle of the road duo. Just getting started late in life but enjoying the opportunity of entertaining. We have a MP3 rack mount media player, a Bose L1 model 2 (With B2 bass), tone match and I play guitar through a Vox AC15 and a TC Helicon play electric. My wife is the main singer and I do backing vocals and play rhythm guitar.

We play a varied selection of music IE-: Everly Brothers, Spencer Davis, Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard, Motown etc. 2 of the numbers we do are heavy on overdrive. Venues could be anything from the club we are playing at this Sunday that can hold 250 but really gets more than 40 in, or a pub with a very small stage, if any at all.

My wife is asking why don't I play my guitar through the Bose system instead of taking my Vox on the road? My usual reply is that I think that a amplifier and loudspeaker system will work most comfortably if you do not drive it with lots of signals.

Does any one out there play a similar program and able to comment?   

Best Regards



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Hi Garry,

This is a great question.  Thanks for asking.

Let me encourage you to try running your TC-Helicon Play Electric directly to the T1®. You may find you can leave your 48 pound Vox AC 50 at home.

I played many gigs with a TC-Helicon VoiceLive GTX (the predecessor to your unit).  The L1® handled the multiple inputs (voice, guitar, foot percussion) with ease. I'm sure backing tracks would have been fine as well.

Here's an excerpt of the TC-Helicon Play Electric Owners Guide (page 32). Note - you will want to turn the Speaker Sim parameter ON

I'd run the TC-Helicon Play Electric with the output mode set to MONO and connect like this.

TC Helicon Play Electric Output to T1

If you don't have one these channels free, then you'll need an XLR to 1/4"  jack Tip-Ring-Sleeve converter to connect to channel 4. I did this (with the XLR converter) and it worked well for me.

Here's some detail about the MONO output mode from page 31 in the manual.

On the T1® set the ToneMatch Preset on the channel you're using for the guitar to

On the T1®, set the input trim for the guitar channel so you get solid green, and no red.

That should get you started.

Please tell us what you hear.




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I am sure that I am right here but just to confirm! My wife's vocal microphone goes through the play electric (Left ch out) then into the T1 (ch1) my guitar goes through the play electric then into the Vox at the moment. If I want my guitar to go through the play electric then into the T1 that would need the guitar out still, but into input 3 on the T1?



Hi Garry,

* Head-smack *

I didn't put it together that your wife was singing through the TC-Helicon Play Acoustic.

Yes, continue what you've done with your wife's vocal and connections fro her microphone through the TC-Helicon Play Acoustic.


Yes, run the TC-Helicon Play Acoustic Guitar Out to the T1®. Channel 3 or 4/5 are all fine.


Don't punish yourself, easy mistake when in a hurry. I do use some of the effects in the PLAY ELECTRIC! but have not yet tried any of the modelling. Not really one for experimenting but I am getting the urge to fiddle. Contrary to my picture my primary guitar is a Gretsch, but I have not been 100% happy with the sound so maybe I need to experiment a little now.


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