Here's a quick video to help you to set the input trim for a microphone on the T1®. This is called Gain Staging. 

The same principles apply for an instrument or line level input. Set the source to the highest level that you will need during the show, and then set the input trim so that you get solid green, occasional yellow flickers, and never see red.

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T1 Gain Stage Microphone
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Gain is often overlooked on the T1, or any mixer, by less experienced users.

It's not always as important for analog mixers as it is for digital.

Digital distortion is much more unpleasant.

If you think gain is too low for the band mix, just bring up master and channel faders to compensate.


I would also like to add, for those who have powerhouse vocalists.

Actually have them YELL or SCREAM into their mic while setting gains.

Because once the band starts up, the singers will push harder.


Hi ST,

nice video. I think it's really great of you to take the time to make these videos to help the members. The new forum version really does make a lot of things easier (like this video for example), but you've still got to invest the time to make the video. You're getting a like


"BTW ST, your T1 is SO clean!

Did you shine it up just for this video?"

Maybe he did, maybe he didn't Pete. I wouldn't put anything past ST. 

Maybe he regularly gives his things a regular wipe over, and maybe he just decided to disinfect it for us.   Whatever, he's doing a great job here. 

I actually give my gear a regular wipe down if it's getting used. If it looks good for others ... OK, but I'm the one who has to use it and I don't really feel like playing with grimy controls. 


Hi John,

Thank you for joining the Community. I'm glad that you joined us.

One thing I've found with some guest singers is a tendency to back off the microphone. Whether that's inexperience, someone who is microphone shy, or stage theatrics, trying to overcome bad microphone technique by turning up the volume almost always leads to feedback.  

I coach guest singers to stay on the mic. If they back off I use sign language or just tell them to eat the mic. If they can't be heard, I've learned to let that play itself out rather than subject the audience to feedback.

Here's an article that has more information about feedback.

Microphone Feedback

Does that help?


Enough can't be said about singing ON the mic.

I coach performers about this as well, over and over.

Quite often, they will ignore my repeated requests.

Like ST, I just have to let it play out with them barely being heard.


One reason is probably their conditioning to singing with traditional PA, "let  the sound man turn me up out front" syndrome.

The other, and I was guilty of this as well, is fear of hearing yourself like you really sound.

It can be a shocker, and I struggled, wanted to back off when I feared I wouldn't hit the notes, I could tell I was slightly off-key.

My friend Nathan, told me to "Sing Out, and Make Grand, Sweeping Mistakes!".

This approach lead me right to the woodshed to practice, and learn to belt it out, best I can.

I am still a soft singer, but I stay on the mic, and give it all I've got.

Which isn't a lot, but with the L1 behind me, I'm confident it's being heard.




Great video!

I have a problem with a condenser mike I purchased. It's an Apex 415 which uses phantom power. I can't seem to get any volume out of it without feedback. I've been on the phone with Bose for several hours with no help.

The L1 model II is about 30 feet away from the microphone. Bose told me the closest mike to use was the Shure SM58 (even though it is not a condenser mike).

Any ideas?

Hi I am new to this community and can’t find the correct forum to ask for help on my particular equipment! Sorry in advance if this is incorrect!

I have a Bose GT1 guitar multi-FX pedal, I am having some difficulty with the set up! Can anyone tell me how I can change the Master BPM manually? - I am able to do this through the app on my computer but can’t see how to do it manually on the GT1.

This post was forked into a new topic here: Boss GT-1 Master BPM

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